Mobile Gaming Trends for 2020


Online gaming is a fiercely competitive industry. This creates a rapidly changing landscape, where companies use cutting edge technology to stay ahead. A particular area of focus is mobile gambling, as over 50% of gaming revenue across the world comes from mobile gaming. With 31% of smartphone gamers in Poland playing daily, it’s a more exciting time than ever to look at the future of mobile gaming.

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Mobile Gambling Trends

One of the biggest trends that will continue to shape mobile gaming in 2020 is the number of people accessing online casino games, using their smartphone or tablet. Many online operators now estimate that at least half of their customers will use a mobile device to access their favorite casino games.

For operators who haven’t gone mobile, this is one of many gambling trends that will act as a wake-up call. Many casinos optimize their sites or create dedicated apps for Android and iOS users. This ensures that their customers can play anytime, anywhere.

Another big aspect is that games need to be developed for mobile play, too. This is most commonly done through the HTML5 platform.

Audience Focus  

Another impactful mobile gaming trend for 2020 will be how the industry looks to appeal to different audiences. There are two big audience segments to focus on, and each has completely different needs.

Serious Players

In Poland, the majority of gamers use their PCs, although smartphones are catching up, and cross-screen gaming is on the rise. One aspect that will impact this trend in 2020 is the introduction of subscription services.

Both Google and Apple encourage users to pay a monthly fee, instead of making in-app purchases or having adverts in the app. The services target those already interested in games since the subscription will offer them the best value for money.

Hyper-Casual Users

Another target for growth and a trend that will impact in 2020 is the number of hyper-casual users. Many people will turn to their phones for entertainment on their commute while waiting for something, or as a time killer.

This means titles aimed at hyper-casual users will become established in the industry. It should lead to improved quality and some exciting titles in this genre that is more than just gimmicks.

How Users Want to Play

Developers use technology to increase profits, but it can also be used to improve the experience for gamers. This approach leads to increased revenue and is better for everyone in the long run. There are three key trends that will look at using new and existing technology to bring games to the users.

Cross-Platform Play

Minecraft did it recently, and many other games will follow suit. Cross-platform play has given players the ability to connect across different platforms. Users of mobiles, Xbox, and PS4 can all play and connect with their friends no matter which platform they are using.

Fortnite has also adopted this approach, as has another popular eSports game, Hearthstone. There aren’t many game studios who cover all platforms just yet but expect to see this change as 2020 plays out.

Augmented Reality

This technology isn’t new, but it is expected to grow in 2020. The interactive and immersive nature of AR makes it ideal for gaming. Since the days of Pokémon Go, AR has developed and evolved.

New titles like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Jurrasic World Alive are highly-rated and have growing numbers of users. The investment is there, which means there is more to see in the coming months.

Blockchain Gaming

This technology is in the early stages. Blockchain games like Cryptokitties have shown just how far the technology has come, but also the obstacles it faces. Scalability remains the primary challenge, as games can congest the network and impact costs.

The most likely area for blockchain to have an impact in 2020 is improving the veracity and authenticity of virtual exchanges, whether that is for skins or other virtual items. Blockchain smart contracts will give players peace of mind about the authenticity of the items and their provenance.

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It’s safe to say that 2020 will see more mobile gaming than ever before, especially when it comes to gambling. Top trends to look out for are technologies like AR, blockchain, and cross-platform gaming.

Plus, the two main gaming audiences, serious gamers, and hyper-casual users will see the industry shape to accommodate them.


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