Moto S30 Pro Review: Slim Flagship Beast Phone For 2022


Compared with the Moto S30, the Moto S30 Pro screen has been upgraded from an LCD straight screen to an OLED hyperbolic screen and has added screen fingerprint recognition. The charging power has also been upgraded from 33W to 68W. It can be said that this generation focuses more on practicality and has a more balanced configuration.

1. Upgraded OLED hyperbolic screen, slim, body and comfortable grip

The screen of the moto S30 Pro has been upgraded from the 6.78-inch LCD screen of the S30 to a 6.55-inch OLED hyperboloid screen. The overall 53-degree fully symmetrical slightly curved design makes the phone look thinner and lighter both in terms of look and feel.

In addition, the moto S30 Pro supports full DC dimming and has obtained the SGS eye protection double certification. Users will not feel dry eyes when looking at the screen for a long time at night, which is very considerate.

2. 50-megapixel triple camera with OIS optical image stabilization

In terms of imaging, the moto S30 Pro adopts a 50-megapixel + OIS optical image stabilization solution, and also brings a full-link HDR10 + high dynamic contrast picture output. There is also a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens, which can meet the needs of most scenes.

3. 68W fast charging power doubles the mainstream level

The 33W wired fast charge of the previous generation always felt that moto was a little lacking in sincerity. This time, the moto S30 Pro is a pity. The 68W wired fast charge is not too fast, but it also meets the needs of mainstream users. The official also claims that with the moto TurboPower fast charging technology, it can achieve the effect of charging to 50% in ten minutes.

First, let’s take a look at the specific parameters of the moto S30 Pro, as shown in the following figure:

Design & Appearance

The front of the moto S30 Pro uses a 6.55-inch hyperboloid OLED screen with a resolution of 2400×1080 and supports five adaptive refresh rates of 48/60/90/120/144Hz, which can be automatically switched according to the usage scene to save power. This screen also supports full DC dimming and has obtained SGS EX eye protection certification/low smear certification. The front-centered hollow camera, 32 Megapixels, and symmetrical design also make the phone look more simple.

The earpiece at the top is integrated with the frame of the mobile phone, which increases the screen ratio and also functions as a sub-speaker. The moto S30 Pro we received from Kuai Technology is in Chunjiang Blue color, and the back of the phone is made of plain leather, which feels smoother and less obtrusive.

The thickness of the whole machine is 7.68mm, the weight is 167g, and the thin and light body is well controlled. In the lens module, the upper part adopts different processing technologies, and the two processes echo the body made of plain leather, which is more business-like.

The moto S30 Pro uses an ultra-thin metal middle frame for connection, and the plain leather material on the back has a certain curvature to make the phone more comfortable to hold. The power button and volume adjustment buttons are located on the right side of the phone. The bottom of the phone is equipped with a three-stage speaker, a microphone, a Type-C charging/headphone sharing interface, and a SIM card slot.

The phone comes with a 68W flash charging head and also supports PD and QC fast charging protocols. The moto S30 Pro mobile phone comes with a list of accessories, including fast charging adapter, CC data cable, official mobile phone case, electronic manual, warranty, card, and SIM card pin.

Hardware & Performance

The moto S30has equippedipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ mobile platform, Samsung 5nm process technology, and a three-cluster architecture consisting of 3.0GHz Cortex-X1 super core + 2.4GHz Cortex-A78 large core + 1.8Ghz Cortex-A55 energy efficiency core.

The moto S30 Pro mobile phone is equipped with a full-blooded version of Turbo LPDDR5 3200MHz four-channel memory and UFS3.1 dual-channel flash memory. At the same time, the mobile phone also has memory fusion technology, which increases the of 12GB physical RAM to the equivalent of 15GB.


The first is the comprehensive test of AnTuTu, with a total score of 869,767 points, including 212,847 points for CPU, 323,223 points for GPU, 156,596 points for memory, and 177,101 points for UX. The overall score of the moto S30 Pro is about 6% ahead of that of the MediaTek Dimensity 8100. As a mid-cup flagship, such results can fully meet all our daily use.

Master Lu

After the test of Master Lu, the comprehensive score reached 942093 points, and the performance score ranked 23rd. Among them, the CPU is 302,692 points, the GPU is 399,643 points, the RAM is 100,429 points, and the storage performance is 139,329 points.

Geekbench 5

For the CPU part, we use the GeekBench5 test, the single-core score is 1166, and the multi-core score is 3578. Compared with the MediaTek Dimensity 8100, the single-core performance is about 20% stronger, and the multi-core performance is somewhat weak.


In the GPU part, in GFXBench, we checked all six sub-projects of 1080P, and the running results were Aztec 69FPS, Ruin OpenGL 72FPS, Aztec Ruin Vulkan 63FPS, Racing Chase 96FPS, Manhattan 3.1 96FPS, Manhattan 142FPS, Tyrannosaurus Rex 216FPS.

On the whole, the GPU part of the Snapdragon 888+ is about 10% stronger than that of the MediaTek Dimensity 8100, which is completely satisfactory in dealing with most 3D games.

5. Adrobench

Finally, in the storage test, the moto S30 Pro has a continuous read rate of 1912.4MB/s, a continuous write rate of 784.4MB/s, a random read rate of 260.67MB/s, and a random write rate of 252.56MB/s, which is in line with UFS3 .1 level.

Gaming Test

For the game test, we selected the three mainstream mobile games “Honor of Kings”, “QQ Speed” and “Peace Elite”. In an office environment with a room temperature of 28°C, the highest frame rate was selected for testing.

1. Glory of the King

After testing, the “Honor of Kings” mobile game has been tested for 10 minutes under the extremely high frame rate + ultra-high resolution of 120 frames, and the frame rate is stable as a straight line.

After the temperature test, the maximum temperature on the front of the moto S30 Pro is 40.5 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature on the back is 40.9 degrees Celsius. With 11-dimensional large-cycle three-dimensional heat dissipation, the Snapdragon 888+ can run such a temperature at 120 frames, the moto is also optimized quite well, and there is no obvious heating phenomenon in the hand.

2. QQ Speed

When using the moto S30 Pro to play the “QQ Speed” mobile game, the maximum frame rate of 90Hz can be turned on, and the ultra-clear picture quality + ultra-high frame rate can be turned on. Since 60 frames will be dropped outside the game, we only record the frame rate inside the game.

After three rounds of testing, it can be seen that there is almost no fluctuation in the frame rate graph, and the average frame rate can be maintained at 89.7FPS.

In terms of temperature, in the nearly 10-minute test, the maximum temperature on the front is 41.8 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature on the back is 41.2 degrees Celsius. The overall heat generation is not too large.

3. Peace Elite

During the “Peace Elite” mobile game test, since the game has not yet adapted to high frame rates, we can only test with 60 frames + HDR high-definition image quality.

After nearly 15 minutes of testing, the frame rate performance is very stable, the average frame rate reaches 59.9FPS, and the whole process runs at full frame.

In terms of temperature, the highest temperature on the front of the moto S30 Pro is 44.3 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature on the back is 44.5 degrees Celsius. The overall heating of the phone is also OK.


This time, the moto S30 Pro adopts a 50-megapixel + OIS anti-shake solution, and optical anti-shake has also improved the filming rate. The main camera of the moto S30 Pro uses a 50-megapixel OV50A sensor and a 1/1.55 ​​photosensitive unit. The single-pixel size is 2.0μm after four-in-one, and it supports 35mm and 50mm dual-focus portrait photography. It adopts a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle/macro lens, a 1/3-inch photosensitive unit, and a single pixel of 1.12μm, which can shoot 123° wide-angle images.

In addition, the moto S30 Pro also has a depth-of-field lens, which can assist in blurring when shooting portraits and other scenes. In the daytime scene, the performance of the moto S30 Pro is quite good, and it tends to be realistic and has no obvious shortcomings. The cropped picture has no obvious smearing feeling, and the overall imaging style is biased towards the real scene, and what you see is what you get.

At night, when the night scene mode is turned on, the long-exposure picture is better in terms of latitude, improving the brightness of the picture, and the control of the glare on the light plate is also in place, the color reproduction is accurate, and there is no obvious noise in the dark part. There is no obvious smear feeling in the pictures taken at the time, and the overall performance is more pleasing to the eye, which is a little surprising.

Although the ultra-wide-angle lens of the moto S30 Pro is inferior to the main camera in terms of resolution, the wide-angle range of 123° is sufficient for multi-scene shooting, and there is no distortion at both ends of the captured picture.

At the same time, this ultra-wide-angle lens can also turn on the night scene mode, and the overall clarity of the picture presented is high. The macro image of the moto S30 Pro is shot by ultra-wide-angle cropping, which can support macro shooting from 2.5cm to 10cm, and the excellent resolution of 13 Megapixels can retain enough details.

The portrait mode of the moto S30 Pro has two focal lengths of 35mm humanistic lens and a 50mm classic lens, which can avoid the problems of overexposure of brightness and loss of details in dark parts, and the transition of portrait blur and background is more natural. Whether it’s portraited photography or landscape photography, the moto S30 Pro can present the most beautiful moments of light and shadow.


The moto S30 Pro has a built-in 4400mAh single-cell battery that supports up to 68W wired fast charging.

Charging test

After testing, starting from 5%, the moto S30 Pro can be charged to 24% in 5 minutes and to 43% in 10 minutes, which is close to the official promotion. It can be charged to 70% in 20 minutes, 89% in 30 minutes, and fully charged in 39 minutes.

Battery life test

For the battery life, we use a professional battery life test tool – the battery dog ​​produced by Kuai Technology to test.

In the test items, we choose the limit battery endurance test, check all the test items including CPU high voltage, CPU multi-threading, AI recognition, picture browsing, video playback, web browsing, simulate user usage scenarios, and restore the real load to the greatest extent. Infinitely close to the real power consumption.

After testing, starting from a full charge of the moto S30 Pro, it consumed 80% of the power in 8 hours and 4 minutes. From the comprehensive calculation, the full battery life can reach nearly 10 hours, which is an upper-middle level for a battery with a capacity of 4400mAh.

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The moto S30 Pro, as a medium-sized and thin flagship, is equipped with the Snapdragon 888+ mobile platform, which is very cost-effective in the XXXX price range, and also makes up for the lack of slow charging and image stabilization.

The summary of the moto S30 Pro is as follows:

1. Upgraded hyperboloid OLED screen with full DC dimming for better eye protection

The hyperboloid OLED screen on the moto S30 Pro is over-processed on the edges, and the plain leather back shell is also curved, making it feel slim and light in the hand.

The color display of the OLED screen is more refined than that of the LCD, and the dual certification of DC dimming and SGS eye protection also provides users with eye protection. The six-speed refresh rate supported by the moto S30 Pro screen can intelligently adjust the refresh rate gear according to the usage scenario to reduce power consumption and save power.

2. 50MP camera with OIS optical image stabilization image stabilization

The combination of moto S30 Pro 50 Megapixels and OIS optical image stabilization further improves the quality of the film. The 123° ultra-wide-angle lens can fully satisfy our daily shooting of wide-format images, even in the face of night scenes. When dealing with portraits or other objects, the depth-of-field lens can capture a vague sense of haze.

3. Continue Snapdragon 888+ game stability

The moto S30 Pro continues to be equipped with the previous generation Snapdragon 888+ mobile platform, 5nm process technology, and Cortex-X1 large-core architecture, and there is no pressure to deal with mainstream games.

4. 68W fast charging mainstream standard battery life is qualified

The 33W fast charge of the moto S30 is not fast now. This time it has been upgraded to 68W, which is not very radical, but it is in line with the mainstream positioning. It can charge about half of the power in 20 minutes and can be fully charged in 40 minutes.

At the same time, the 4400mAh battery can last for nearly 10 hours in battery life, which is not a problem to meet the daily use of one day.

On the whole, the moto S30 Pro is a mid-range flagship model with a thin and light body. The performance iron triangle composed of Snapdragon 888+ and Turbo LPDDR5+Turbo UFS 3.1 is still very good in performance, no matter whether it is used in daily use or playing. Don’t worry about games, 68W fast charging and 4400mAh battery are also very suitable for mainstream needs.

The imaging aspect is even more surprising. The three-camera combination of OIS main camera + ultra-wide-angle + depth of field can output both photos and videos stably, and the ultra-wide-angle lens has both macro image functions. Compared with the number of macro lenses of many mobile phones, the details of The restoration is more accurate.

Such a moto S30 Pro with a thin and light design, balanced comprehensive capabilities, and a still affordable price is very suitable for office workers and student parties who care about daily experience and cost-effectiveness. Do you want to consider getting one?

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