Motorola Razr (2019) Teardown, You Won’t Fix It Yourself


Americans have already had the luck to try the new Motorola Razr folding, in fact, there are already several unboxings and reviews on the Internet, and there are even people who have already completely disassembled it.

Those people belong to YouTube channel, PBKreviews, who post an interesting video about Motorola Razr (2019). This is not a normal presentation of the phone or its environment. This time it is a traditional disassembly when the phone is completely disassembled in a video.

However, when we look at the entire process of dismantling, the foldable screen of this flip phone is impossible to repair, even if you have all the tools. The opening of the terminal is done by heating the back of its lower half, then we see the yellow battery and the fingerprint reader is disconnected. Some screws are then removed from the bottom panel, which is detached from the antenna set next to the speaker.

Motorola RAZR 2019The battery is quite difficult to remove from what I see, being well bonded with a lot of adhesive, but also fixed with a plastic “hurdle”. Its first battery has only 1165mAh capacity, while the second one has a capacity of 1185mAh, which gives a total of 2350mAh, which is a little less than the 2510mAh that was handled so far.

A few more screws secure a vibrating motor and then reach the microphone cable. To get to the motherboard you have to remove a special panel. I know that everything I have written so far seems misleading and that is only the bottom half of the phone, down to the hinge.

Motorola RAZR 2019The area around the external screen must be heated, and then you get in touch with the infamous ribbon cable and from here the separation of the foldable screen from the frame begins, also by removing screws. Those who did the dissection were shocked by how thin the display panel is. In principle, you can not repair Moto RAZR 2019 even if you have an apartment service.

And if you have 15 free minutes, I recommend you watch this video so you can see how this folding smartphone is inside that we know as Motorola Razr 2019.

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