Motorola RAZR Foldable Screen Renderings Exposure: Releasing With $1500


RAZR series is Motorola’s most classic phone, can be said that there is no one, the original design of the ultra-thin design RAZR V3 still remembers, Motorola Razr series ultra-thin mobile phone There are many models, which can be divided into five small series of V, L, Z, K and E according to the letters. In the era of “left-handed Nokia, right-handed Motorola”, RAZR has become the love of countless people.

During the years of production suspension, RAZR has been reported to return to the market. The most recent one was in January of this year. The Wall Street Journal reported that people familiar with the matter disclosed that Motorola Razr was popular in the form of flip phone. “) The phone will be reborn and the smartphone will be equipped with a foldable screen.

After the news was exposed, the patent that followed the exposure proved that the new phone existed. The new mobile phone is not only a classic clamshell design but also comes with a second screen. At the same time, the inside of the mobile phone also adopts the popular folding screen, which is unique in design.

According to this news, foreign designer SARANG SHETH made a set of Motorola RAZR folding screen renderings. From the appearance, this phone continues the strong V3 mobile phone style, although much shorter than the V3, but for example, the front small screen And the camera at the bottom of the screen (Moto’s Logo on V3), these details let you see at a glance that this phone comes from Moto.

After the flip is a complete folding screen, and there is a small notch, before the soft, Samshashave launched a foldable phone, there is news that the price of the Samsung foldable phone will be close to 2000 dollars. According to informed sources, the price of the Moto phone is not cheap and may exceed $1,500 (about RMB 10,136).

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In any case, the Motorola Razr design is quite exciting, but considering the recent situation of Moto, whether the new machine can be listed smoothly is also a concern.

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