NAVEE S65 Review – 500W Geared Motor Electric Scooter at €729 From CAFAGO


The NAVEE S65 is an electric scooter equipped with a powerful 500W geared motor. This motor provides efficient and smooth acceleration, allowing riders to easily navigate through various terrains and reach their destinations with ease. The scooter is designed to offer a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation, ideal for urban commuting or recreational rides. The NAVEE S65 features a sleek and compact design, ensuring easy maneuverability and portability. Additionally, the scooter is available for purchase at the lowest price from CAFAGO, providing an affordable option for those seeking a reliable and cost-effective means of transportation.


The NAVEE S65 features a considerate design that is both ergonomic and foldable, allowing for easy storage in various places such as the trunk or office corner. Additionally, it is equipped with a 2.5W front light that ensures safety while driving in dark conditions. With its IPX5 waterproof rating, the S65 is capable of handling most weather conditions with ease, providing users with a reliable and durable electric scooter. Constructed with high-quality aviation aluminum material, the S65 offers a maximum load capacity of up to 120kg. This sturdy and stable design ensures that users can ride comfortably and confidently. The 10-inch tires of the S65 are self-sealing and tubeless, providing excellent shock absorption and ensuring optimal trafficability. These features contribute to a more comfortable and stable riding experience for users.


The NAVEE S65 is equipped with a powerful 500W rear-driven geared motor, allowing for faster acceleration and reaching a maximum speed of 25km/h. Its exceptional climbing performance of 25% ensures effortless navigation on hilly terrains. The S65 boasts an impressive maximum range of 65km, thanks to its large-capacity lithium battery. This extensive range caters to both daily commuting and short trips, while the built-in BMS chip efficiently manages the battery for enhanced safety.

To provide a comfortable riding experience, the S65 incorporates a dual suspension system. This system, comprising front and rear suspensions, effectively absorbs shocks and enables the scooter to handle various road conditions with ease. The S65 offers three riding modes, each with three-speed levels, catering to different user preferences and driving styles. The available modes include walking mode, standard mode; and sport mode, allowing riders to choose the level of assistance they require.

The scooter features a multifunctional LED dashboard that provides real-time information during rides. The dashboard displays essential data such as speed, riding mode, and battery life, ensuring riders stay informed and in control. For added convenience and functionality, the S65 is compatible with the Go Navee smart app. By connecting the scooter to the app via Bluetooth, riders gain access to real-time riding statistics. The app also offers features like cruise control and vehicle self-check, further enhancing the overall riding experience.


In conclusion, the NAVEE S65 500W Geared Motor Electric Scooter offers a reliable and efficient means of transportation for adults and teens alike. With its powerful motor and geared design; it provides a smooth and comfortable ride, making it ideal for daily commuting and travel purposes. Purchasing this scooter from CAFAGO at a price of €729.00 inclusive of VAT not only guarantees a high-quality product but also ensures a cost-effective investment. Additionally, the scooter is delivered from the Poland Warehouse with free shipping further enhances its affordability. By opting for the NAVEE S65 Electric Scooter; individuals can enjoy the convenience of eco-friendly and convenient transportation without compromising on performance or breaking the bank.


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