Next Level Fidget Spinner with Wireless Bluetooth Speakers and LEDs !


The trend setting toy or a contraption build for sheer purpose of having fun, the fidget spinner has since gained traction in the younger generation kids and teens love it and thus, it has caused a drastic surge in manufacturing of these devices. As a result there are now thousands of fidget spinners in the market and they are available in every shape and form you can think of. We have one unique Fidget Spinner that has converted this toy into an electronic gadget, yes the one we have has a ‘bluetooth speaker’ and pairs with your smartphone. Its called the Wireless Hand Spinner.

This is actually taking it to the next level of fidget spinner. The craze for this little device has gone  up high, in fact it has sky rocketed and eventually everyone wants to get their hands  on one. The device is also fun to play with, most of the newer versions come with RGB LED lights and form unique beautiful geometrical patterns.

The Wireless Hand Spinner we are talking about comes in variety of color choices and has 2.4Ghz Wireless Bluetooth. You can pair it with your smartphone and can listen to your songs out loud. Moreover you also get RGB LEDs making the spin much vivid and luminous.

There are lots of Fidget Spinner available for you to choose and get your hands on, at the minimalist price you can get here on you can get here all sorts of spinners, choose whatever you like and checkout in minutes. While the one with the wireless bluetooth speakers the Wireless Hand Spinner is available here for purchase for just $6.49 only.  You can get it in white, black, green, red, golden, bronze etc


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