NITECORE NU43 Review: The Ultimate Headlamp for Trail Running


Back in November of last year, the NITECORE NU43 was already in the hands of eager consumers. Despite completing most of the testing and manuscript content for this new product, the article had been held up for three long months. But what is the NU43, and why is it such a highly anticipated product?  You can check NITECORE NU43 Review here.

For starters, the NU43 boasts itself as the ultimate “breaker” of 18650 headlights on the market. This is due to its superior advantages of being lighter, brighter, and having a longer battery life than similar products on the market.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the NU43 is its sleek design and packaging. The NU43 comes in an elevator box consistent with the signature style of NITECORE products. On all sides of the box, critical parameters of the product are marked to give consumers a clear understanding of what they’re getting. You’ll find only a few items inside the box – the NU43 body, a TYPE-C charging cable, and a quick guide.

So, let’s dive into the technical specifications of the NU43. It boasts a brightness of 1400 lumens (the highest), comes with a built-in 3400mAh 18650 battery, is IP68 dustproof and waterproof, can withstand drops of up to 2 meters, can be fast-charged in just 2 hours, and features intelligent light-sensing obstacle avoidance technology.

The NU43’s leading light comprises two lamp heads using Let’se bright optical lenses. These two lamp heads use different lenses to output light spots that provide flood and high-beam lighting effects. NITECORE refers to this technology as “Extreme Vision” +. To achieve this lighting effect, both lamp heads must be turned on simultaneously, and one cannot be turned off independently.

A red light head is located between the two main lamp heads, which helps protect your night vision while providing a higher degree of recognition when marking a position. The NU43 also features various beacon modes, including red light flashing, leading light flashing beacon mode, and SOS mode. The beacon mode of the leading light sends out signals with a brightness of up to 1400 lumens.

Finally, the NU43’s light is divided into six different gears – moonlight gear (8 lumens), low brightness gear (100 lumens), medium brightness gear (300 lumens), high brightness gear (600 lumens), extremely bright gear (1400 lumens), and red light gear (10 lumens). It is worth noting that the highly bright light can only be turned on for 30 seconds, automatically switching back to the original brightness.

The NITECORE NU43 boasts advanced technology that considers both high beam and floodlighting, resulting in a more prominent and comprehensive light spot. This is exemplified in comparison with the same brand UT27 double lamp head in the same position, where the NU43’s acceptable range and illumination range are more comprehensive, and the transition at the edge of the light spot is softer.

One of the standout features of the NU43 is its intelligent light-sensing obstacle avoidance function, which is made possible by a light sensor under the red light head. When the headlights are on and near objects, the object can reflect the light of the high-brightness output headlights, causing discomfort to the eyes. The NU43’s intelligent light-sensing obstacle avoidance function can automatically reduce the brightness output to protect the eyes in such scenarios.

Suppose the light sensor detects an occlusion in front of the headlight. In that case, the brightness will be automatically reduced to a low level (100 lumens) to prevent instant blindness caused by the high-bright light reflected by the object. Once the occlusion is removed, the NU43 will return to its original brightness. It’s important to note that the sensor’s sensitivity varies with the occluder’s color and material, as it is judged by reflected light.

All lighting operations of the NITECORE NU43 can be controlled using two buttons, with various functions such as lighting up, shutting down, switching brightness, switching lighting modes, checking the power, and locking the phone achievable through different button clicks, double-clicks, long-presses, and double-button long-presses.

Four blue LEDs are located at the bottom of the lamp head to display the remaining power. The LED display will indicate the approximate remaining ability by pressing the “MODE” button in the unlocked state. This display will also appear when charging the device.

The NITECORE NU43 has a TYPE-C charging port, opened and closed through a body screw cap to ensure dust and waterproof capabilities. The screw cap features protrusions that allow users to judge whether the lid is sealed by touch alone.

The 32mm headband of the NU43 is designed for total comfort, featuring air holes in its weave to improve breathability. The leaves guide design on the back of the headband can allow sweat to leak from the position of the fuselage bracket during heavy use, though the lettering on the outside of the headband is highly reflective to improve visibility during nighttime activities.

The ratchet on the NU43 body can be adjusted in 10 gears to meet the needs of different angles. The bracket features a honeycomb structure with air holes to facilitate forehead ventilation and heat dissipation. The buckle point of the headband is designed for quick release, making it easy to remove the headband for cleaning after use. Additionally, the headband buckle point can be easily buckled into the MOLLE webbing hanging point, allowing it to be used with the SLB03 chest bag of the same brand to free the user’s hands for work. The center of gravity of the lamp head is positioned closer to the bracket, making it difficult for the head to shake and change the illumination angle during violent movements.

The NITECORE NU43 flashlight boasts an aluminum metal shell and a PC plastic body, making it a durable and sturdy piece of equipment. It weighs in at 124g, while its counterpart from the same brand, the UT27, comes in at a slightly lighter 103g due to its two lithium battery packs.

One of the primary considerations when choosing a flashlight is battery life, and the NITECORE NU43 doesn’t disappoint. It boasts an official nominal battery life of 165 hours in moonlight mode (8 lumens), 29 hours in low light mode (100 lumens), 15 hours in medium light mode (300 lumens), 10 hours in high light mode (600 lumens), and 66 hours on red light mode (10 lumens). However, it is worth noting that the measured battery life on high-brightness mode (600 lumens) started to flicker at 9 hours and 48 minutes before shutting down. While slightly shorter than the official nominal battery life, it offers an impressive life span.

The NU43 also offers Extreme Vision+ technology, which won the heart of many users, including those with astigmatism. This technology allows for clear visibility of road conditions near and far during nighttime activities.

Comparing the NU43 to similar products, it is one of the lightest available. However, it is still slightly heavier than the UT27, which some may prefer for activities such as running. On the other hand, the NU43’s direct charging design makes it a better option for those who need extended battery life and do not want to worry about carrying additional batteries.

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In conclusion, the NITECORE NU43 is a highly anticipated and superior product that outperforms similar products. It boasts impressive technical specifications, including extreme brightness, a long battery life, and intelligent light-sensing obstacle avoidance technology. The NU43 is designed with user comfort in mind, featuring a sleek and lightweight design, air holes for breathability, and a reflective headband for improved visibility. It is an excellent choice for individuals who need a reliable and durable headlamp for outdoor activities or work-related tasks. The NITECORE NU43 is an exceptional product that lives up to its promise of being the ultimate “breaker” of 18650 headlights.

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