NO.1 F4 SmartBand design, features, review (with coupon)


Know by their rugged phones, No.1 also make other smartdevices, like Fit family of SportBands like the No.1 F3and today we’re going to review the new model, an upgraded version from F3 smartwatch, the No.1 F4, a Smartband for sport activities and sedentary tracking.



With a band made from rubber, this SportBand has a mix of abs plastic, acrylic, glass, copper, stainless steel all put in a blender to make a nice looking and eye catching device that fulfill your sport and fashion need  at the same time.

Get all the info in its amoled screen and with the interchangeable watch face it will never be boring, talking about getting a unique gizmo, you can change the strap in many color, just choose your favorite.


Before what the No.1 F4 is capable of, lets check what’s inside: is powered by the NRF51822 proccesor, with a 256k RAM + 16k ROM, has a 0.96″ inch OLED Display, thanks to large battery, 130mAh Li-Po, you will need to charge it every week, in order to keep track of your activities and health, the F3 take advantage of blood pressure, hear rate monitor, pedometer sensors.


If you are into sport and fitness No.1 added the multi-sport feature to the band this include badminton, ping-pong, basketball, football, riding, mountaineering, running and swimming. Additional features are calorie counter, UV, Air-pressure, altimeter, movement trajectory, auto-wakeup, incoming call reminder, message reminder, sport mode, sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, weather, remote camera, stop watch and alarm.


The F4 stand alone have a good performance, all the sensors reads and the 0.96” inch OLED screen offering sharp and wide display with all the info; heart pressure, heart beat, blood oxygen level, podometer. But if you want the full experience is mandatory to download the fitness app from No.1. Once you got it, you will enjoy more info directly trough your wrist; weather, altitude, air pressure, GPS trajectory, UV level, environment temp.

It has special modes, in order to keep an accurate record of the training you have to chose from badminton, ping-pong, basketball, football, riding, mountaineering, running and swimming (yes, you can swim with the F4 thanks to IP68 certification).

After one week of use, you will agree with us, this is one the most affordable Sportbands out there, and with all the functions it package you will forget that are other fit trackers.


Looks like No.1 reinvented itself again with this superb FitTracker, the No.1 F4 arrived to win the first place in this line of gizmos, even if you are a sport junkie or just want to keep healthy, this SmartBand is for you. You can find it at $21.72 in Gearbest, just use this coupon code: GBCE when you make the check out.

Update on Sept. 15: use coupon code: GBNO1F4 to grab NO.1 F4 at $18.99


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