NO.1 G5 is A Smartwatch That is Worth Everyone’s Money at $19.99


The smartwatch craze started back in the days when Samsung launched the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and since then it has caught up in the market, we saw many great smartwatches after that with round, square LED/LCD displays etc. No. 1 is a company which was continuously focused on bringing smartwatches to the masses with its affordable smartwatches. The company continuing this trend has launched another smartwatch the No. 1 G5.

Watch NO.1 G5 Hands on video here:


The smartwatch specs look are fairly standard with famous generic MediaTek MTK2502 processor and the circular display using 240 x 240 pixel resolution, 380 mAh battery capacity, Bluetooth 4.0 and all the usual functions. No.1 promise full Android/iOS compatibility.


No.1 G5 can not only be regarded as a normal smart watch, but also a healthy tracker, it can help us monitor our heartbeat rate and Pedometer sensor to track our walking every day. So it will be a good helper to count calories we need to burn. Of course, if you need to lose weigh, just walk and do more exercise. Meanwhile, it is able to monitor our sleep quality, and remind us of sitting long to walk around. We can also use it as a remote control such as remote control camera and music freely.


What’s more, when we have important message in our smartphone, we can check the notification of this smart watch about facebook, twitter, what’s App information. And it’s also very convenient to set up in alert type like ringing or vibration mode. Sometimes, we can also treat it as an alarm, a calculator, and a calendar to help us live more effectively.



No.1 G5 smart watch sports a chronometer look , it has basic silicon strap and looks quite sporty. The smartwatch is featured below in the pics. The smartwatch is ultra affordable at $19.99 presale. You can enjoy the latest UI from it. Are you ready to catch this smart watch for your high-tech life? Don’t miss the flash sale time. By the way, you can also get the coupon code GBG5  to catch it at the price:$25.99.


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