Nubia X Lu Master Runs Out Of The Furnace: 8GB Memory Comprehensive 311441 Points


Nubia has announced that it will release the Nubia X mobile phone tomorrow. This mobile phone is claimed to be the sincerity of Nubia in the past six years and is said to be the most comprehensive full-screen mobile phone to date. Before the release of the mobile phone, the mobile phone figure appeared in the master library of Lu.


According to the running information, the Nubia X mobile phone model is nx616j, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, clocked at 2803MHz, the screen resolution is FHD+, and the memory is 8GB.

In the actual score, this phone’s CPU score 130313, GPU score 108705, memory performance 40732, storage performance 31691, comprehensive score 311441, score level reached the current flagship level.

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On October 31, Nubia will officially release the Nubia X mobile phone.

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