Nubia Z17 VS Xiaomi MI6 Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery, Review with Coupon


In April, Xiaomi officially released its annual flagship, Xiaomi MI6, which is the first Snapdragon 835 smartphone, and it has become the most popular 2,000 yuan, $330 smartphone. Then Nubia Z17 has been released, which is the best rival of Xiaomi MI6, and Nubia Z17 is the first RAM 8GB smartphone in China. Therefore, most users will be confused about Nubia Z17 and Xiaomi MI6, which one is more worthwhile to try?

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In design, Xiaomi MI6 is different from Nubia Z17, the former has 5.15 inch FHD screen with glass body, the latter has 5.5 inch 1080P screen with metal body. Xiaomi MI6 adopts glass, stainless middle frame metal design, available for five colors, jet blue, jet white, jet silver and ceramic prime version. it has 2.5D curved glass and fingerprint scanner on its home button. On the back it has four curved glass back color.

In addition, Xiaomi MI6 has come with dual rear camera without standing out, it is first time to remove 3.5mm earphone jack, and it has ceramic version available, which has very high beauty.

As for Nubia Z17,the overall design looks sturdy with long body, besides bezel-less design, Nubia Z17 front design is their classic style of their family. The most outstanding part is the little red circle, the home button.

Nubia Z17 adopts all metal unibody, the back cover and mid-frame don’t detach, and the back doesn’t use three step design and cancels the earphone jack to make its overall metal ratio up to 98%, it has made good balance in visual and holding feeling..

Therefore, Nubia Z17 and Xiaomi MI6 have big difference in screen size, front, back design, fingerprint scanner, etc. In general, Xiaomi MI6 has more ripe design on the back, the four curved glass back color looks very exquisite. Of course, it uses glass body which is easy to scratch, not very anti-drop. But all metal body, Nubia Z17 seems a little better.


Nubia Z17 Antutu

Xiaomi MI6 Antutu

As for performance, we know it is up to the processor and running storage, Nubia Z17 and Xiaomi MI6 both are powered by Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, but Nubia Z17 has RAM 8GB ROM 128GB and RAM 6GB ROM 64GB internal storage, and Xiaomi MI6 has 6GB RAM 64GB/128GB internal storage, according to Antutu test score, Nubia Z17 has got nearly 180,000 points, but Xiaomi MI6 has got about 180,000 points.Therefore, Xiaomi MI6 and Nubia Z17 with RAM 6GB has similar performance in their hardware.Right now Nubia Z17 prime version with RAM 8GB has not finally come out, we believe its performance will be No.1 compared with other Chinese smartphones. In all, they belong to same level.


Nubia Z17 and Xiaomi MI6 are the flagship smartphones, Xiaomi MI6 adopts 8MP front camera and 12MP dual back camera, supporting zooming dual rear camera, four axis OIS, its photographing experience has been improved compared with the previous version, and it adds image mode, which is the best Xiaomi smartphone until now. While Nubia Z17 has 16MP front and dual rear camera, 23MP+12MP, supporting twice dual rear focus and image mode, in photographing, it is also excellent.

According to photo samples, Nubia Z17 and Xiaomi MI6 have good photographing experience, in taking selfies, Nubia Z17 has higher specs, so does the dual rear camera, as you know, Nubia is always famous for photographing. So in camera, Nubia Z17 will take some advantages. Just check its camera comparison below.



As for battery, Xiaomi MI6 comes with 3350mAh battery, compared with Xiaomi MI5, 3,000mAh battery, its battery capacity has improved about 11%, We test it according to running the test, taking photos, etc.

According to the chart, Xiaomi MI6 consumes 4 hours 11 minutes from 81% to 35% power. almost taking 11% power in one hour. So we can calculate Xiaomi MI6 can be used in one day for heavy use.

About heat issue. after pressure test for a while, CPU with full loading, Xiaomi MI6 has reached 49℃,  we can feel the heat on our hands. Because it is ultimate test, if we test for daily use, this kind of heat issue will not happen.

However, Nubia Z17 battery also upgraded to NeoPower 3.0, built in 3,200mAh battery, in general, it can support up to 2.4 days for normal use, and 1.59 days for heavy use. According to real test, Nubia Z17 can watch videos online for one hour, it only consumes 7% power, the battery life is very amazing. As for battery life, Nubia Z17 is the first one to support Quick charge 4+, adopting SMB1381+PMI8998 dual charge power chipset solution, compared with QC3.0, the speed has been improved 20%, and less charging temperature.

We use original charger to charge Nubia Z17, from 0 to 100%, it only takes 77 minutes, and it can charge 41% in 20 minutes.


According to different aspect comparison, Xiaomi MI6 is more beautiful, cheaper, and it has more playful ways in photographing, and it has more powerful OS, But Nubia Z17 is also the best in every aspect, one pity is that it adopts fingerprint scanner on the back, right now Xiaomi MI6 6GB 64GB version is in flash sale at $419.99 in stock now, while Nubia Z17 is in preorder at  $473.99 after using coupon code:  ZTENBAZ17


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