OnePlus 3 DASH Charge clearly beats Samsung Galaxy S7’s Adaptive Charging


OnePlus introduced a new tech of its own, the DASH CHARGE which promised to provide a complete day of usage on a charge of just 30 minutes on the OnePlus 3. With USB Type C being introduced in the market, smartphone makers have utilized this tech and turned it into Quick Charging. OnePlus 3’s biggest rival, the Galaxy S7 has Adaptive Fast Charging. Oneplus boasted about its Dash Charge a lot when the OnePlus 3 was launched. To prove it, guys at the Oneplus decided to make a comparison video of the OP3 and the S7. Take a look at it below.

This comparison video was posted by OnePlus on its official Youtube account. So when the screen were turned off, and both the beasts were set on charge, the results turned out to be favour in OP3. 30 minutes of Quick charging revealed that the Galaxy S7 gets charged upto 50% of its battery and the OP3 to 64%. Though the difference might not look that big but 14 is still a number.


Now the 2nd test, its where the things really start to get interesting. So when the screens on both the phones were kept on and offfered a 30 min quick charge, the winner was clear. OnePlus got charged to whopping 67% while the S7 was left out at just 23%. Take that, SAMSUNG. As the video progresses, the charging rate difference is quite noticeable. OnePlus 3 nearly charges thrice as fast as the Galaxy S7. As a lot of people have a habit of using the phone while they are on charging, OnePlus can be called the King here.

But before we make any 2nd thoughts, we need to consider the following points.

  • For the 1st round, the OP3 and the S7  both had 1% of battery and 5% at the start of second round. The competition was completely fair as both the phone have a 3000mAh battery. So no cheating here.
  • The first round seemed normal. But for the second round, Samsung can make a excuse for its loss. S7 features a QHD display which is known as the battery eater and which made the S7 lose here. The 1080 display on the OP3 came in handy.

Capture (2)

Maybe it would be hard for Samsung fanboys to watch the video, but guys OnePlus 3 really wiped out Galaxy S7 this time. Let us know your thoughts below about this comparison.


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