OnePlus 7 Exposed: Slide Screen, Snapdragon 855 Starting From $465.07


With the end of 2018, various mobile phone manufacturers are preparing their own flagship machine in 2019, and the design of the flagship phone in 2019 is nothing more than the design of the hole screen, slide screen, water drop screen, and folding screen. In the high-end flagship phone, the hole screen and the water drop screen seem to dominate the mainstream, but the slide screen seems to have its own unique market. In 2018, two excellent slider screen mobile phones are Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 and Huawei Magic 2. These two new phones have also achieved good market performance, and the OnePlus that has always paid attention to cost performance will bring new products to everyone next year. OnePlus 7, and this new machine will also adopt the design of the slider, this time the new OnePlus 7 will look like it!

OnePlus 7 will adopt a new design scheme. In the front design of the new machine, one plus mobile phone 7 adopts a very mainstream slide screen design, which makes the new OnePlus 7 and Huawei Honor Magic 2 and millet The appearance of Mi MIX 3 is so close that it is difficult to distinguish, but the screen ratio of the front of the new phone has been improved very effectively. The front effect of the whole machine is still very amazing. The sliding mode of the new machine is consistent with Huawei Magic 2. In the back design of the new phone, the OnePlus still retains the characteristics of one plus mobile phone. The new machine is equipped with a vertical three-shot combination for the first time, and the three cameras are located in the middle of the phone. This design is still very good. Inheriting a plus family design style. In the overall design of the new OnePlus 7, the new OnePlus 7 is still quite satisfactory and has not made a big breakthrough. 

OnePlus 7 will use the flagship processor of 2019, which is the Snapdragon 855 processor from Qualcomm. The performance of this processor is also very powerful. After all, the mainstream flagship of 2019 is this configuration. In the memory combination of the new OnePlus 7, the new OnePlus 7 will use 6GB + 128GB memory combination and start, and the new machine will support 10GB + 512GB version, such a memory combination in the current flagship market It is also very powerful. In terms of the camera of the OnePlus 7, the new OnePlus 7 adopts a three-shot combination of a rear 48MP and a dual 12MP. The three cameras all support the optical image stabilization function. This combination is also very powerful. On the front camera of the new machine, the machine uses a single 12-megapixel plus a single 8-megapixel front-mounted dual-camera combination. In other configurations of the new phone, OnePlus 7 will support the 5G network, NFC, wireless charging, 50W fast charging and other functions.

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The whole series of OnePlus 7 will officially debut in the second half of next year, but before the OnePlus 7 will add a brand new model, which seems to set aside time for OnePlus 7, but has not yet confirmed The specific release time of OnePlus 7 is believed to be not too long. In terms of the price of the new phone, OnePlus 7 will continue to locate the high-end flagship market, the starting price of the new machine will also be very competitive, this time OnePlus The starting price of 7 is 3199 yuan ($465.07), and this price is also the standard of the flagship phone.

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