OnePlus Ace 2V Review: The Budget-Friendly Flagship Killer?


OnePlus mobile phone brand, which has always been known for “not going to be settled,” has quickly seized the mid-range market in the past two years by popularizing the concept of 16GB of ultra-large memory, making those high-end mobile phones with only 12GB of memory seems a little self-contained. This year, with the mass production of LPDDR5X memory, just when other manufacturers have introduced their flagship phones, OnePlus once again found the right opportunity to take the lead in putting it down to mid-range mobile phones, with the Dimensity 9000 flagship platform, becoming the first mid-range phone with LPDDR5X 7500Mbps memory, and this mobile phone is to popularize the flagship experience to the end of OnePlus Ace 2V.

1. Dimensity 9000 is equipped with a complete blood version LPDDR5X 7500Mbps memory

Since the end of 2021, the Dimensity 9000 processor was released for the first time, the memory bandwidth of the mobile phone DRAM was extended to 7500Mbps; that is, it has a frequency of up to 3750MHz, but at that time, such specifications of memory were not mass-produced in Samsung, Hynix, Micron and other manufacturers, and it was not until mid-2022, near the release of Snapdragon 8Gen2, that it was possible to mass production.

Therefore, OnePlus took the lead and took the lead in adopting the Dimensity 9000+ high-specification memory solution, bringing a full-blood version of 16GB 4×16bit LPDDR5X 7500Mbps memory, which is nearly 5% higher than the LPDDR6400X 17Mbps of the exact specification. You can use it to play minecraft 1.20 download apk 2023.

2. Cancel the screen bracket The mobile phone with the highest appearance and the best texture at the same price

OnePlus Ace 2V altogether canceled the plastic bracket on the screen, improved the screen-to-body ratio of the front, and the high narrow border of 1.46mm made the OnePlus Ace 2V visually achieve the effect of nearly four sides of equal width and show almost all screens, giving people several enormous visual impacts after lighting up the screen, with the 2.5D screen glass on the front, it has become the mid-range mobile phone with the highest appearance in the same gear.

Secondly, the 2.8D glass used in the back shell of the phone, the edge is connected to the cut surface of the middle frame, and the feeling of holding it is even higher; it is no exaggeration to say that picking up the mobile phone is like having a warm jade, which is loved.

3. 5000mAh battery with 80W dual-core flash charging

OnePlus Ace 2V is also equipped with a 5000mAh large-capacity battery and a long-life version of 80W wired fast charging, which can provide a more suitable flash charging strategy for a variety of user scenarios, which not only reduces the loss of battery life but also ensures rapid full blood with high power. How about testing minecraft game, minecraft 1.20 download apk here.


The OnePlus Ace 2V is equipped with a 6.74-inch Tianma T7+ AMOLED screen on the front, and the 2772.1240K resolution of 1×5 brings a pixel density of 450PPI to the phone.

OnePlus Ace 2V canceled the plastic bracket of the border for the first time in the mid-range model, and the most intuitive feeling brought to us is that the screen-to-body ratio is visually increased, and at the moment of lighting up the screen, there is a sense of the flagship machine.

The centered, 1600-megapixel front camera delivers unbiased images during video calls and selfies. The phone adopts the COP packaging process, and the extremely narrow bezel at the bottom achieves visual effects of the same width as the surrounding area. The 2.2D glass on the back of the OnePlus Ace 8V body has ideal arc control, the connection with the metal frame is in place, and the grip is excellent.

Three cameras are configured in the upper left corner of the back panel, and on the right side is a single LED fill light and a color temperature sensor, carefully look at the periphery of these two sensors, and introduce a diamond-cut texture, making the overall appearance of the back more delicate. The three-stage volume switch on the phone’s right side has also been retained, and the power button is lowered.

The OnePlus Ace 2V has a separate speaker cutout on the top, an infrared remote sensor in the middle, and a noise-canceling microphone on the far right. The speaker at the bottom of the phone forms a stereoscopic double speaker with the to; thee Type-C charging interface is shared with the headphone port, and the microphone and SIM card slot is on the right side.

The OnePlus Ace 2V comes with a silicone phone case in the same color as the phone, a quick charging kit, a OnePlus sticker, a quick start guide, and a warranty card. OnePlus Ace 2V supports 80W dual-core flash charging and has an 80W fast charging kit.


As the most robust Dimensity 9000 mobile phone in history, OnePlus Ace 2V is equipped with 16GB full blood version of LPDDR5X memory, and the bandwidth reaches the highest level supported by the processor, that is, 4×16bit LPDDR5X 7500Mbps, with UFS3.1 flash memory, forming a performance triangle in mid-range machines. Since it uses latest CPU, it will be best choice to play minecraft 1.20 apk faster.

Next, we conduct a set of theoretical performance score tests.

1. Antutu

The first is the comprehensive performance test of AnTuTu, with a total score of 103.27 million+, a CPU score of nearly 38,5, and a GPU score.


In the CPU individual test, the GeekBench5 scored 1276 for single-core and 4171 for multi-core. In the latest GeekBench6 test, the single-core score was 1711, and the multi-core score was 4586.


In the GPU single test, we used GFXBench’s six 1080P high-level tests, and the top three of Aztec Ruins OpenGL, Aztec Ruins Vulkan, and Racing Chase ran 102FPS, 110FPS, and 83FPS, respectively.

After the first three rounds of testing, the temperature of the mobile phone gradually increased, and the test results of the last three can reflect the performance of the mobile phone in high-rendering 3D games, Manhattan 3.1, Manhattan, and Tyrannosaurus rex ran 157FPS, 224FPS, and 300FPS respectively.


In the flash memory test, the sequential read speed is 1.9GB/s, the sequential write speed reaches 1.81B/s, the random read and write speed reaches 343MB/s, and the write speed reaches 436MB/s, which is in line with the UFS 3.1 standard flash memory rate.

5. Memory test

The OnePlus Ace 2V is equipped with 16GB LPDDR5X 7500Mbps memory, and we have also tested and compared it with other mobile phones’ LPDDR5X 6400Mbps memory.

The picture above shows the test results of mobile phones equipped with LPDDR5X 6400Mbps memory, with a copy speed of 1.55GB/s and a write speed of 3.35GB/s.

The figure below shows the test results of the OnePlus Ace 2V, with a copy speed of 1.63GB/s and a write speed of 4.16GB/s, a year-on-year increase of 5.2% and 24.2%, respectively.

Gaming Performance

In the game testing session, we selected three representative mobile games that can reflect the actual performance of mobile phones under low, medium, and high loads in an office environment with an indoor temperature of 25 degrees Celsius—call of Duty and Yuan Shen.

During the test, we used the highest image quality + highest frame rate for testing and recorded the game’s frame rate performance, temperature, and power consumption.

1. Glory of Kings

In the King of Glory test, with high-definition picture quality + ultra-high resolution, the game can run at a very high frame rate of 120 frames. After a team battle, the average frame rate is stable at 119.5FPS, and the average fluctuation is only 1.8FPS. The overall game The frame rate is stable in a straight line.

The average power consumption was 3.42W, and the frame energy consumption was 28.6mW.

In terms of temperature, the front of the fuselage is 38.2 degrees Celsius, and the back of the fuselage is 38.1 degrees Celsius. The temperature control is still in place, and there is no obvious heat when holding the phone with both hands.

2. Call of Duty

The Call of Duty mobile game supports 90 frames under smooth image quality. After a game test, 60 frames will be dropped outside the game, so we only record the frame rate performance during the game, and the average frame rate has reached 90.3FPS. The game is not long-term stable.

The average power consumption has reached 3.14W, and the frame energy consumption is 34.8mW.

We conducted a test of 3 games for nearly 10 minutes. The highest temperature on the front of the fuselage was only 36.2 degrees Celsius, and 35.6 degrees Celsius on the back of the fuselage.

3. Original God  The last is the main event, the Yuanshen version 3.5 mobile game, after a heavy update, which significantly tests the extreme performance of the mobile phone.

With 60 frames + the highest picture quality, we ran the map + fight monsters test. After nearly 15 minutes of the game, the frame rate fluctuated slightly, but there were no significant fluctuations or frame drops. With the help of the game to stabilize the frame Engine 2.0, OnePlus Ace 2V will intelligently schedule according to the game scene, and finally, the average frame rate is stable at 58.9FPS.

The power consumption has also reached nearly 6W, and the frame energy consumption is 105mW. In dealing with hardware killers like Yuanshen, it can be seen that the Dimensity 9000 has also done its best.

In terms of temperature, the front of the fuselage reached 43 degrees Celsius, and the back of the fuselage was 42.2 degrees Celsius. Holding the phone with both hands will feel apparent heat, but it is not hot.


OnePlus Ace 2V rear three cameras; the primary camera is a 6400 Megapixel OV64B, a 1/2-inch photosensitive unit, 0.702μm single pixels. The ultra-wide angle is the 800-megapixel Sony IMX355, which supports a 112° field of view. It is also equipped with a 200-megapixel macro lens.

In the daytime scene, the picture saturation of the OnePlus Ace 2V is high, giving people a very pleasing first feeling, especially the blue sky behind the house, plants, etc., but some people prefer natural colors; you can add some filter effects appropriately, or set manual adjustment of ISO, exposure and other parameters in professional mode to achieve their desired style.

In the night scene, in the environment of mixed colors, using the long exposure of the night mode, the highlights of the light sign are well suppressed, the texture details of the light sign can be seen clearly, and there will be no excessive light rendering problems, especially the display of the following two monochrome buildings, making the overall picture look particularly transparent.

The ultra-wide-angle lens supports a 112-degree field of view, the distortion at both ends of the shot is controlled in place, the blue of the sky can still be accurately restored in the backlit scene, and the color and white balance tuning presented do not open up much gap compared to the primary camera.

This 8 Megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens also has a night mode, and by pulling up the exposure after opening, you can get a very pure sample, which is very suitable for ultra-wide night scene shooting.

The 2-megapixel macro lens of the OnePlus Ace 200V is more than enough to shoot close-up objects, and the imaging effect is no different from that of mobile phones equipped with macro lenses on the market.


OnePlus Ace 2V has a built-in dual-cell 5000mAh battery with a longevity version of 80W super flash charge; when watching videos or playing games on a bright screen, the system will detect and provide a more suitable flash charging strategy, improve the charging power, and quickly return blood while setting.

Charging test

After our test, in the screen off state, the mobile phone power starts charging from 0%, 10 minutes to 34%, 20 minutes to 68%, half an hour to 94%, and it takes 35 minutes to charge fully.

This charging speed fully meets our immediate outing needs, and in the case of no power, charging in 15 minutes can be used for nearly half a day.

Battery life test

Regarding battery life, we use station B to watch an hour of video; the brightness is set to manual 50%, starting at 1 pm, when the battery is 100% full. After an hour of testing, the 2 pm charge was 94 percent, consuming 6 percent. According to such a power consumption rate, watching videos on a complete account can reach 16.67 hours; if it is a daily use, such a battery life fully meets our day’s user needs.

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The launch of the OnePlus Ace 2V can be said to be a disruptor in the mid-range mobile phone market, integrating flagship-level hardware and texture, canceling the high screen-to-body ratio and extremely narrow border with equal width on four sides brought by the screen plastic bracket, which is eye-catching, and it is impossible to imagine that this is a mid-to-high-end mobile phone with a price of only 2K.

After a period of experience, we have made the following summary of this OnePlus Ace 2V:

1. The mobile phone with the highest appearance at the same price

The most significant advantage of canceling the screen plastic bracket is that the high screen-to-body ratio on the front is comparable to the flagship mobile phone, and with this ceramic-like glass process, only after you have experienced I  can you feel the soft, smooth texture it brings.

OnePlus Ace 2V, worthy of its name, is the mobile phone with the highest appearance and the best texture at the same price.

2. The mobile phone with the most muscular pile of materials at the same price

The full-blood version of LPDDR5X memory and the Dimensity 9000 chip has given OnePlus Ace 2V a perfect heart; in our test, the memory rate and standard version have been increased by nearly 15%, and the game test can also be stable at 58.9FPS, which can be said to be an unrivaled existence in the same gear.

One Plus Ace 2V V represents winning, representing victory; one plus Ace 2V will uphold this concept, committed to becoming a performance winner in subverting the industry at the same price segment; it is clear that one plus Ace 2V did and also became the Dimensity 9000 model in the outstanding, the most potent mid-range mobile phone, so far there is no one, in the same price of the product is very competitive, even called “dimensionality reduction strike.” You can check minecraft 1.20.30 apk here.

Therefore, OnePlus Ace 2V is a mid-range phone not to be missed, whether for the game, beauty, or student parties.

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