OnePlus Ace Pro VS Xiaomi Mi 12S Quick Comparison Review


OnePlus Ace Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 12S are both Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8+ processor models. Overall, the configuration is relatively balanced, but the focus of the two models is still different. OnePlus Ace Pro focuses on games and fast charging, and the core advantage of the Xiaomi Mi 12S is the imaging function. So the choice between these two models is relatively simple!

Design & Display

OnePlus Ace Pro and Xiaomi Mi 12S are both domestic screens, so their performance in peak brightness is not very good. Among them, Xiaomi Mi 12S is a 6.28-inch curved screen that supports 12bit, A+ certification, etc., and has strong one-handed control; while the OnePlus Ace Pro is a straight-faced screen that supports 1.07 billion colors, 720Hz touch sampling rate, and extremely narrow borders.

You can see the difference in the positioning of the two models from the screen. The Xiaomi Mi12S looks good in daily use, while the screen quality of the OnePlus Ace Pro is more for the game experience!


Although the two models use the same Snapdragon 8+ processor, the smaller size of the Xiaomi Mi 12S does not have an advantage in heat dissipation; while the OnePlus AcePro has a large VC heat dissipation area of ​​5177mm and a HyperBooot game frame stabilization engine, and it is still 12G The direct-screen mobile phone that started with storage has a lot of advantages in-game temperature control and experience!


The OnePlus Ace Pro’s rear main camera uses a 50-megapixel lens with a Sony IMX766 sensor and supports OIS optical image stabilization. Although the image quality of the main camera is not bad, other lenses of the OnePlus Ace Pro are more general!

And almost every lens specification of the Xiaomi Mi12S is higher than that of the OnePlus AcePro. The front 32-megapixel selfie lens, the rear IMX707 sensor 50-megapixel outsole main camera, etc., have obvious advantages in hardware; secondly, coupled with the color science brought by Leica, the final image performance of Xiaomi Mi 12S is better than the OnePlus AcePro is more than one grade higher!


OnePlus Ace Pro uses a 4800mAh battery with 150W flash charging, and the battery life and charging speed are a bit ahead, the Xiaomi Mi 12S has a smaller battery, but the battery life is not too bad. After all, the small-sized screen consumes less power, Xiaomi also supports 50W wireless charging, and the whole machine is much thinner and lighter!

In addition, OnePlus AcePro is a plastic middle frame, which is also a place for many users to complain!

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In terms of price, although the starting price of the two models differs by a few hundred yuan the price difference of the same storage version is more than a thousand yuan! In terms of choice, for users who like to play games, the OnePlus Ace Pro can be given priority; for users who like to shoot, Xiaomi Mi 12S is a better choice!

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