OnePlus Concept One Black Color Appears: Camera Can Be Completely Hidden


A OnePlus official website released an exclusive interview on the OnePlus Concept One concept phone ID design team, and for the first time released two black versions of OnePlus Concept One Real shot map.

The black version of the OnePlus Concept One concept phone is the same as the previous appearance of the Huanli Orange version. In addition to the different color schemes, the design is completely consistent.

Interestingly, the black version of the OnePlus Concept One has a black carbon fiber finish between the camera components under the glass after the rear camera part is “lit”, with a full texture.

In industrial design, color, material, and finishing (color, material, finishing) are called CMF, and E stands for electronic. In order to solve the current multi-camera layout design problem, OnePlus first proposed the ECMF solution, which uses electrochromic glass on smartphones.

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OnePlus Concept One’s rear camera is hidden under the electrochromic glass. It can only be seen when using the camera. At other times, the camera is hidden in the glass, showing a neat, uninterrupted, and no burden. Beauty.

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