Online casinos versus land-based casinos: what are the perspectives for both?


Recent global changes have forced many businesses to switch online. The gambling industry has been one of the most digitalized over the past decade, with online casinos having huge profits. However, land-based gambling establishments have kept their market share, due to the fact that there were still quite a lot of players preferring traditional offline gameplay. The Gamblinginsider has recently published the online casino’s suppliers’ discussion on how switching online can influence land-based casinos. The article reveals three key findings of the topic.

Point #1. The right combination of online and offline presence gives companies a competitive advantage of promoting their business to the wider audience, target more player profiles and reach out people who both do and don’t visit physical casinos. The decision to go online allows attracting hundreds of players, especially when establishing a partnership with large casinos’ reviewing websites, like,,, and others.

Point #2. One of the greatest things the online casino can offer players and what makes it even more attractive is live streaming. With this feature, even those who don’t like going online, get the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of real money casino games with no necessity to leave home. Here the major issue is making this experience as fraudless, as possible. Amongst others, it’s crucial to have a synchronized wallet system, so that player can access his or her funds on the account when gambling both offline and online. Switching online – fully or partially – also allows offering bigger number of games and update the assortment of these more frequently and with less expenditure.

Point #3. Making the online gambling experience more real can be a distinctive feature, creating the synergy between online and offline. With no doubts, land-based casinos’ advantage is beloved to casino players special atmosphere. To recreate it and attract more customers, a good tip is the presence of a real croupier at the website. Live casino is becoming really popular. It allows players to interact with a dealer, sitting in a remote studio and streaming, and communicate directly with him or her.

The fact that the business environment can change dramatically within a few months making diversification a crucial thing for staging successful in long term perspective. The right distribution of resources between offline and online gives owners extra benefits, like the opportunity to promote the business, target new customers and establishing new modern forms of interaction with clients.


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