OpenAI has announced a partnership with payments company Stripe to try and commercialize ChatGPT


There’s no doubt that ChatGPT, and the GPT AI model behind it, is a remarkable technological breakthrough.

But as with all AI, the cost of development and training behind the latest GPT-4 is huge, prompting both OpenAI and Microsoft to actively try to commercialize their products.

OpenAI has announced a partnership with payments company Stripe, which will provide payment and subscription services for ChatGPT.

In fact, after OpenAI launched GPT-4, officials said Stripe was rolling out billing and billing capabilities, as well as automation and tax compliance technologies, for payments based on the model.

The partnership also means that Stripe will integrate OpenAI’s new technology into its own products and services, and is currently trialing 14 GPT infrastructures.

By addressing OpenAI’s long-standing funding needs and mitigating Stripe’s increasingly low valuation, the partnership is a win-win.


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