OPPO K1 vs Huawei Nova 3 Cameras Review: Under The AI ​​Beauty, Who Can Win The Hearts Of Users


May Day holiday approaching, is there any small partners who will take advantage of business activities to “optimize” their mobile phones? For some boys, just look at the phone parameters to determine the approximate. But for Miss Sister, in this powerful “AI era”, it will naturally focus on the photo effect, this field cannot be described by parameters. Today, we will look at the two most competitive mobile phones in the mainstream market, OPPO K1 and Huawei nova 3, why are they so popular with consumers? Next, the author conducted a comparative test from the three modes of beauty, sprouting, and backlighting.

But before we talk about the test results, let’s first look at the comparison of the parameters of the next two phones. First of all, OPPO K1 uses a 2500W pixel front camera, supplemented by f / 2.0 aperture, fully guarantee the picture light amount and image quality analysis. The Huawei nova 3 has a 2400W pixel main camera + 200W pixel auxiliary lens with f/2.0 aperture. In this way, the two have their own characteristics. The former has more pixels for a single camera and the latter has an additional auxiliary camera.

From the comparison of the following proofs, OPPO K1 under the blessing of AI Wisdom Beauty, the picture can show excellent picture brightness, and the bright and white part of the face can be completely restored. Huawei nova 3, the picture performance is not bright enough, its AI beauty algorithm is more inclined to real expression, the overall face is more three-dimensional. The contrast between the two shows a different style of a trend.

In addition, in order to increase the fun of self-timer, OPPO K1 and Huawei nova 3 both have built-in AR shooting function, just switch the camera mode to enjoy the playability brought by Meng shot. You don’t need to download a third-party app, you can cache the “sticker” and use it. However, in terms of mode selection, Huawei nova 3 has 3D Qmoji and 3D virtual objects to meet the needs of users.

In the backlight mode, OPPO K1 and Huawei nova 3 open a clear contrast. The former can effectively suppress the highlight of the background, reduce its influence on the main body of the picture, and ensure the picture and details of the subject. The latter does not have much modification to the background highlights, which causes the background light to have a serious impact on the subject. It can be clearly seen that the facial details of the person are flooded and some facial details are lost.

As for the portrait mode, from the comparison in the figure, OPPO K1 and Huawei nova 3 can accurately recognize the facial contour, blur the background of the picture, and enhance the visual level of the character theme. In terms of details, the former is more accurate in identifying the part of the hair tip, while the latter is not accurately recognized, but the hair tip is blurred.

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Overall, OPPO K1 and Huawei nova 3 have their own characteristics. In terms of AI beauty, the former is more ornamental, while the latter is more inclined to express. However, in the backlight environment, the OPPO K1 has a better perception, which can effectively avoid the influence of background highlights on the main body of the picture. In contrast to the author, the two phones will be biased towards OPPO K1, after all, a better look and feel is the top priority.

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