OPPO Reno 8 Pro+ Quick Review: With Powerful Dimensity 8100 Max


OPPO brought a mobile phone called “OPPOreno8pro+” to consumers. The OPPO Reno 8 Pro+ is not only equipped with the Dimensity 8100max processor with super performance but also uses the Mariana X chip developed by OPPO. So the question is, how is the actual hand experience of the OPPOreno8pro+ phone? Regarding this issue, We will take everyone to take a look next, hoping to help everyone.

Design & Appearance

The front of the OPPO reno 8 pro+ uses a 120Hz refresh rate E5 material 1080P screen. What Xiaofang wants to emphasize here is that the OPPOreno8pro+ uses an optimized flexible screen packaging process, and the frame is extremely narrow, only 2.37 It is almost equal to the width of the four sides, which can bring a more immersive viewing experience and gaming experience to consumers.

In terms of the fuselage, the OPPOreno8pro+ is a medium-sized aviation aluminum phone with 2.5D micro-arc processing, which not only gives people a better visual effect but also relieves the cutting feel of the right-angle middle frame, so it can be held as a whole. In terms of feeling, it is very good.

The back of the phone adopts the state-of-the-art hot forging process combined with ergonomics. The raised edge of the image module adopts a 75-degree arc to obtain a smooth and comfortable look and feel.

In terms of color matching, this mobile phone has three colors: Xiaoyao Green, Roaming Gray and Dark Black, which can be selected by consumers. No matter which color matching is used, it can well meet the aesthetic needs of consumers.


The OPPO reno 8 pro+ mobile phone uses the “MediaTek Dimensity 8100-MaxLPDDR5+UFS 3.1” performance combination. The AnTuTu score is 810279 points, while the 3DMark score is 5595 points. To meet the needs of consumers for using mobile phones in various scenarios, even running classified mobile games like Genshin Impact can be easily handled.


The OPPO reno 8 pro+ mobile phone uses a combination of front and rear cameras. The front camera has a pixel of 32 Megapixels, and the rear camera uses a “50 Megapixels (IMX766) + 8 Megapixels + 2 Megapixels macro” Camera module because this phone has the blessing of Mariana X chip, OPPOreno8pro+ can take very good-looking photos and videos whether it is a selfie or a rear camera. Even in low light or backlight conditions, it can show the details of things well. In order to facilitate everyone to better understand the camera capabilities of the OPPOreno8pro+, Xiaofang still provides you with a few proofs.

The overall performance of the OPPOreno8pro+ is quite good. Xiaofang played two mobile games, Honor of Kings and Elite for Peace for half an hour with the OPPOreno8pro+. The average frame rate of Honor of Kings was 118.9, while the average frame rate of Elite for Peace was 59.6. In terms of OPPOreno8pro+, after an hour of gaming, the maximum temperature of the fuselage is 40.6°C, and the overall cooling effect is quite good. Five, the battery life


The OPPO reno 8 pro+ has a battery capacity of 4500mAh and supports 80W wired fast charging. After five hours of heavy battery life test, Xiaofang ‘s final battery capacity is 47%; when the battery is completely exhausted, the battery can be charged to 25% in 5 minutes, and the battery can be charged in 30 minutes. to 97%, and it only takes 32 minutes to fully charge. Overall, the OPPOreno8pro+ phone has a good performance in terms of battery life and charging speed.


In general, the OPPOreno8pro+ phone performs very well in terms of appearance, camera capability, performance, gaming experience, and battery life. If everyone is a female friend and wants to buy a better mid-range camera flagship phone, then Xiaofang suggests that you can still consider the OPPOreno8pro+, which will be more suitable. For the core configuration of the OPPOreno8pro+ mobile phone, you can refer to the following figure.

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