PlayStation VR Now Cheaper: Another Look at its Features


Sony has decided to cut the MSRP of the device by $100, starting at the end of March. The latest price cut is so tempting that those who wanted to buy the device before itself but held themselves back somehow will not be able to resist themselves now.

The PlayStation VR DOOM VFR Bundle, which includes a VR headset, camera, VR Demo Disc 2.0 and the DOOM VFR Blu-ray Disc, now costs $299.99 instead of the original $399.99. Additionally, the PlayStation VR The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR Bundle, which includes the PlayStation VR headset, camera, two Move controllers, the VR Demo Disc 2.0, the Skyrim VR core game and all the add-ons now costs $349.99 instead of the original $449.99.

“New PlayStation 4 Bundle uncovered” by BagoGames is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Are you new to PlayStation VR and wondering what its features are? Virtual reality is now taking the world by storm  and PS is not staying behind. For starters, the PlayStation VR is the latest and smartest member of the PS4 family that can provide any gaming enthusiast with an incredible gaming experience.

It also has a 5.7” OLED screen as the main attraction, which makes a hyper-real 3D environment come to life. Additional features include 360-degree vision, thus making you live the game, no matter which way you turn. And most welcomingly, it has the capability to play ultra-smooth visuals at 120 frames per second with super low latency.

When it comes to audio, it boasts cutting-edge 3D audio, which is more than enough for users to feel every decibel of sound. And with the built-in mic, the headset allows players to chat with online friends or discuss in-game tactics with ease.

The PlayStation camera in combination with LED-based precision tracking mechanism ensures that the player is always at the center of the VR gaming universe, no matter where he/she is, though within the specified range. Also, the combination of Dualshock 4 wireless controllers, a move motion controller and an aim controller give one complete control over the game.

The PlayStation VR, as users testify, provides an all-new immersive VR experience, no matter if you’re into action, adventure, horror, puzzles or racing. And undoubtedly, the price drop provides much more value for PlayStation enthusiasts at a perfect time, with close to two hundred PlayStation VR-supported games and experiences expected to launch by the end of the year. It’s the ideal time to own and experience it all.


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