Press render leak shows Xiaomi’s smartphone with dual camera setup


As we know previously rumoured in China a new Xiaomi Mi5S, which you can say safely is a kind of sweet spot between the current Xiaomi Mi5, and of a Xiaomi Mi Note considering its design. The rumours are high with this but it does not end here, as rumours continue saying that the Xiaomi is also considering curve edged and and dual cameras which is the topic of today’s discussion.


Xiaomi is said to be coming up with a smartphone that may feature a dual camera setup following the other rival companies trend. A new press release leak recently reveals a phone which looks a lot like Xiaomi Mi5’s 3D curved design paired with 2 rear camera sensors and dual tone LED flash.

The rumours also go on to say that the phone may come with a Snapdragon 820 chipset, 6GB RAM and the a 2K display on the Mi Note 2 at least. Rumours for the new phones also include a hidden fingerprint scanner. Which kind of many people would really appreciate.

These two phones the Xiaomi Mi5S and the Mi Note 2 have definitely raised some eyes, and the tech community is surely excited to see them launched soon. Rumours or not we are sure about Xiaomi is coming with a release soon and rumours, leaks will keep coming about this. So stay tuned on our website to catch the latest leaks and rumours. Till then hold on tight.


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