QCY Q26 Bluetooth 4.1 Headset Invisible Earbud Flash Sale with Coupon!


In many movies especially spy movies we have seen plethora of gadgets and actually tried to make them in reality. In many spy thrillers the protagonist uses an almost invisible earpiece to communicate to his base along all the movie. Similar to that we have the QCY Q26 Bluetooth Headset Invisible Earbud. Its tiny and easily fits inside the ear canal which can’t be spotted easily.

The QCY Q26 Bluetooth Headset Invisible Earbud is oval shaped with QCY branding in a glass like transparent smaller sub-oval. Its has a  lightweight, sweat & waterproof enclosure making it comfortable to wear for longer hours.It features a very minimal design language and is ultra light weighing just 4.9gm. The earbud is compact and has a button on one side and a charging port on the other.

The earbuds comes Bluetooth 4.1 technology and it is paired with some high fidelity sound giving you a best in class earphone experience. It has a button on the side that can be used for picking up/rejecting calls, changing the music track. It has a 45mAh battery and a standby time of 71hrs. It has a frequency range of 20-20000Hz, Impedance of 32 ohms, and Sensitivity of 98dB±3dB. It offers you some pleasant music while you are running, gymming or doing any other such activity.

The QCY Q26 Bluetooth Headset Invisible Earbud is available at zapals.com on flash sale. It is coming in very cheap at just $8.99 but again using our coupon code: QCYQ261 you can get it for just $6.99 only. It is on flash sale and stock is depleting soon so hurry.


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