QIDI TECH iFAST Review – Intelligent Industrial Grade 3D Printer


The QIDI TECH iFAST 3D Printer is a new generation model from a well-known Chinese manufacturer. The default printer has a closed chamber with excellent thermal regulation, a dual extruder (there is a version with a single high-temperature extruder), and an enlarged build area. With these features, i-Fast performs well both at home and in education and production.


The QIDI TECH iFAST is a 3D printer with a completely closed installation space. It is delivered almost completely pre-assembled and only needs to be prepared for the first use in a few simple steps. This should be done in a few minutes, even for beginners. The QIDI TECH iFAST is suitable for beginners as well as professionals and offers a construction volume of 330 x 250 x 320 mm (with the double extruder) or 360 x 250 x 320 mm (with a single extruder).

This allows quite large objects to be produced in various 3D printer materials, including carbon fiber and nylon, which makes the 3D printer also suitable for professional applications. With a price of around 2,000, the QIDI TECH iFAST is one of the more expensive models, but it is also very well equipped. It is recommended for use in schools, universities, small and medium-sized companies but also for the hobby maker with the necessary change and high demands on the 3D-printed parts.

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The extruder is what immediately sets QIDI TECH iFAST apart from the competition. The standard version is equipped with a twin nozzle extruder. Another version of this printer is equipped with a single extruder; which has a maximum temperature of 300 degrees; which immediately expands the list of thermoplastics that you can work with. In addition to the indispensable PLA and PETG, this includes ABS, TPU varieties, as well as Nylon; PC, Carbon fiber, and other materials of construction. The two-nozzle version allows for two-color printing or the use of PVA and HIPS to create soluble supports.

In the version with a high-temperature extruder, a ruby ​​nozzle is provided; which easily withstands elevated extrusion temperatures and is not afraid of abrasion; ensuring high-quality printing. The printing accuracy is 0.05 – 0.2 mm. The electronics of QIDI TECH iFAST are quite consistent with the technical capabilities of this printer. A 700 W unit is responsible for powering the printer. Already in the standard configuration, you can download files for printing both from USB and remotely via Wi-Fi. You can also set all print parameters and track their progress using a 5-inch color touchscreen with a user-friendly interface.


With QIDI TECH iFAST 3D printer manufacturer presented a particularly powerful desktop 3D printer with a large construction volume, high printing speed, and other special features that are suitable for professional applications. We can buy it from Madethebest.com at $2,129 in Flash Sale. Also, Check out QIDI TECH 3D Printer X-Plus and QIDI TECH 3D Printer X-MAX at the Lowest price.


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