Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor Has Been Mass-Produced: 2019 Flagship Phones Will Be Equipped


As we all know, the Qualcomm Processor is the first choice of most current Android manufacturers, especially his flagship chip, Android phone manufacturers compete for their initial rights every year. Although the next generation of Snapdragon 855 processor has not been officially released, it is clear that this product is not far away.

Recently, Roland Quandt, a well-known breaking news, said on Twitter that Qualcomm’s next-generation flagship processor (such as the Snapdragon 855) has begun mass production. This means that the Snapdragon 855 has been designed and streamed, and is expected to be available to mobile phone manufacturers for testing in the fall, and will be officially released this winter. There is no doubt that it will be the royal processor of Android’s flagship next year, but as for who can get the starter, it depends on the strength of the manufacturer.

According to the situation in previous years, it is usually Xiaomi and Samsung have the opportunity to win the starting rights. Last year, Samsung became the world’s first manufacturer of Xiaolong 845, and Xiaomi only won the national premiere. Compared with the past, Xiaomi has lost a little momentum in recent years. After all, Xiaolong’s flagship chip was the first to endorse Xiaomi’s “endorsement”. It is worth mentioning that there is news that the starting rights of the Snapdragon 855 may be changed to the next year. It is rumored that Lenovo will win the starting rights and will release the world’s first 5G mobile phone. It seems that next year’s Snapdragon 855 flagship chip competition will be more intense, full of suspense.

In addition, Qualcomm and a group of mainstream mobile phone manufacturers have publicly stated that there will be 5G mobile phones in the first half of tomorrow. This means that the Snapdragon 855 may be the first flagship processor to support 5G networks. Undoubtedly, who can get the first 5G market, who will be the overlord of the mobile phone market, many mobile phone manufacturers missed the 4G opportunity, so they will fight for the right to speak in the 5G era. It is not difficult to see that the key point of the war between Android phone manufacturers next year is who can win the Snapdragon 855 processor first, who is the first to take the lead.

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It is expected that Qualcomm will officially release the Snapdragon 855 processor this winter.

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