Quelima SQ12 Mini 1080P FHD DVR NanoCam @Gearbest Campaign


Quelima had rolling a long road, is a veteran within the spy cams or nano cams, recently released a new model, we in iGeekphone consider as update, the Quemila SQ12 Mini, a tiny camera that can do everything; can work as sportcam, dash cam, security cam, with features such as video recording at night or detect movements to start automatically capture. Gearbest has a campaign for this Nano Cam, lets check it:


This nano camera has a perfect cube form factor made in from rubberized mixture of metal and plastic, looks tiny on the palm of the hand, but this time limits are taken to the maximum, because the images show that it can even be held with a single finger (2.20 x 2.20 x 2.20 cm). Logically this means that there is no screen or where to watch the videos beyond connecting to the computer.

Regarding the location of its components, the sensor is surrounded by two infrared lights, while above it is the on/off button and mode change. Finally, it should be mentioned that there’s a microSD card slot, a micro-USB port for battery recharging and connection to the PC, and even a small access to the reset button.

Quelima SQ12 Mini package includes everything you need: the camera, a USB Cable for charge/data/video, two holders, two clips and user manual in english.


The Quelima SQ12 Mini camera has a 1.2 megapixel sensor with aperture f / 2.0 and ISO100 that also manages to get recordings in Full HD quality (also HD available) with a rate of 30 images per second. In the case of photographs, images with a maximum size of 4032 x 3024 pixels can be taken.

To all this it is necessary to stand out that the angle of vision of the device is of 120º, which means that it covers a great part of what happens ahead and it is not lost at any time. There is no lack of a night recording system that allows you to capture video at distances of 3 to 5 meters with great quality, even in totally dark places.

To complete, although this camera is not intended to be a surveillance system such as Xiaomi IP Camera and others, it can fulfill its mission to any need, since it has a “loop” recording system that automatically deletes the oldest files. Once the storage is full and is able to detect movements around in a space of 5 to 10 meters.

There’s also a special case to take the Quelima underwater, sadly is not included but is available to be purchased on electronic stores.


A camera that reduces its dimensions to the maximum, that is able to record video in Full HD quality and has technologies of detection of movement or capture with night vision can easily be considered as a “Premium” model with a rather high price. However, Quelima SQ12 Mini has achieved that all this is included within a basic model and super cheap.

Quelima SQ12 Mini is a recording camera of reduced dimensions that is characterized as an alternative for those who want to spend as little as possible for a device of these characteristics. However, its managers have managed to add advanced features such as video recording at night or detect movements to start automatically capture.


This entry level camera fulfills the needs of an amateur user, we can recommended for those who want to enter to the sportcams world or the private investigator (it can be leaved alone for 60 minutes of recording). Gearbest has an event for the Quelima SQ12 Mini, so now you can get it for $13.99 USD, no coupon need, just check the sale page.

Apply time(Beijing Time) Deadline product name USD price Link on Coupon pcs
4.11-4.30 Quelima SQ12 Mini 1080P FHD DVR 13.99 panyulc

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