Razer Monarch Butterfly Mouse Pad Released: Tempered Glass Molding in one at 899 yuan,$132


Razer today launched a new mouse pad – Razer Monarch Butterfly, the first 899 yuan,$132.

According to the report, the mouse pad is made of toughened glass, which has lower friction, giving players a sense of control with little to no drag or noise.

Monarch Butterfly adopts integrated milling to create, round edge, with the completion of details of the process grade. The whole glass has been tempered, and the Mohs hardness value obtained by the test is greater than 7H.

Meanwhile, the mouse pad features a 2-micron micro-etched texture design and is paired with a gaming mouse with advanced sensors such as Razer Focus Pro 30K for more accurate mouse tracking performance.

Not only that, the monarch butterfly is coated with a unique protective coating that ensures it remains smooth even after prolonged use, and dust and stains can be easily wiped off.

In addition, the mouse pad has an extra size of 450mmX400mm and a non-slip rubber underside to ensure that the mouse pad can grip the desktop while the player swipes quickly.


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