Real Watch T1 Smartwatch Official Announcement Leaked


Realme will hold a RealMe GT Neo 2T launch on October 19th at 2pm. It was officially announced today that the T1 watch will be released at the same time. This is the brand’s first smartwatch in mainland China, featuring a circular dial design and a colorful wristband option.

The official poster shows a streamlined body, with two physical buttons on the right side of the metal face, and a green line at the bottom of the button indicating that the product will support phone calls. As can be seen from the dial, the watch will support the number of steps, heart rate monitoring of multiple exercise indicators.

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The official microblog account of @RealMe watch has been registered. Since 16th, it has published many microblog accounts, all of which preheat the call function of T1 watch and @ several realMe executives. Not only that, the little tail of Weibo is also shown as the upcoming GT Neo2T.


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