Reasons Mobile Gaming Is Schooling PC And Console Gaming


The rise of mobile gaming sure has been impressive. Around 2008, the mobile gaming industry was totally unremarkable. The games on offer were so-so and even the launch of the Google Play store and App Store was not really that significant an event, revenue-wise that is. Then came 2012 and Apocalypse happened!
Or more precisely, mobile gaming became a thing from that time on, aided by growing understanding and use of in-app purchases and the creation and release of some rather fabulous games. Such games include the likes of Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, Candy Crush Saga and lots more, all of which quickly made their developers a ton and a half of money.

Money Talks!
Talking of money, mobile games have grown to become the most profitable gaming segment. In 2018, the revenue from mobile gaming was greater than other forms of gaming combined. Yes, the puny mobile pulls in more cash than even console gaming and PC gaming. What sacrilege and disrespect!

Mobile gaming has grown so large so quickly that it currently holds around 50% of the gaming market share. Estimates predict that this will rise to 59% in 2021 and be worth a stupendous $106 billion.

Making It The Mobile Way!
The stats listed above sure might sound incredible to some folks. After all, console and PC gaming are still popular as sin, and their games are all the rage. Then there’s esports, which is a trend that appears to be growing faster than the speed of light.
It is, however, worth putting things into perspective. For instance, the inseparable duo of console and PC gaming are projected to grow roughly 4% per annum. Mobile gaming is however on a totally different level and has yearly growth rates that are much higher.

The reason for this is simple: there are lots more mobile phones than there are consoles and PCs. This single fact means that the market for mobile games in incomprehensibly immense. And that is just why mobile games will continue to rule for a long while, just like online games by BlackSpins casino will continue to make waves!

Everybody Loves Games
Propelling the popularity of mobile games is the increase in the number of people getting ahold of their first smartphones. This is particularly true in south-east Asia and China, were suddenly affluent folks can now afford to acquire smartphones.
For most of these folks, their new smartphone is the only computer they have been exposed to. As such, they use these phones the way people in other countries use their PC. This means that they write and send emails, watch movies and yes, play games- lots of games by the way!- on their mobile.

The Game Gets Local!
Driving the rise of mobile games is the fact that an increasing number of such games are now tailored to the needs and expectations of specific sections of the global populace. Take India for example, an Indian-flavored variant of the magnificent side-scrolling game Jetpack Joyride has been recently released. Bollywood-themed games and games like cricket that the country is very passionate about are also being released in greater numbers, with this, of course, serving to boost the number of local gamers.

Much the same thing is going on all over the world, with the addition of local flavour to mobile games often proving irresistible to local audiences. And that among other reasons help explain why mobile gaming will continue schooling console and PC gaming!


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