Red Magic 6 Gaming Phone Review: 165Hz Screen, Powerful Snapdragon 888


Nubia and Tencent Games jointly released Tencent Red Magic Game Phone 6 (hereinafter referred to as Red Magic 6). Red Magic 6 has gone further in terms of refresh rate, performance release and gaming experience. IGeekphone also got this product for the first time. This article will share the actual experience of this phone with friends.


The appearance of the Red Magic 6 basically follows the design of the Red Magic mobile phone 5G, and the e-sports genes flowing in it can be seen at a glance. The overall measurements are 169*77.09*9.7mm. On the front is a 6.8-inch FHD+AMOLED full screen with a screen-to-body ratio of about 91.28%. Although this screen-to-body ratio is not extreme, it is completely symmetrical, and the design with no holes and slots looks very pleasing to the eye. When playing games on both sides Information is not easily obscured.

The Red Magic 6 has two colours: carbon fibre black and cyber neon. IIGeekphone got the 8G+128G carbon fibre black version this time. The back uses a red and black X-shaped design. The centre of the back is from top to bottom. The logos of “nubia”, “REDMAGIC” and “Tencent Games” have four light strips on the top, middle, bottom, and left of these LOGOs. You can set the constant light, breathing and game change modes in the system to match the back The austere black-grey colour has a very cool visual effect. No wonder there is a comment on the Internet saying: “RGB can improve performance by 50% and technology by 200%.”

The back of the Red Magic 6 is covered by a whole piece of glass, and it feels warm and moist. The three-camera module placed in the middle is not protruding much, and it is not easy to be dangled when playing audio games on the table. Although the size of the Red Magic 6 is 6.8 inches and the weight is as high as 220g, the integrated back design makes the grip of the Red Magic 6 not obtrusive.

The middle frame is the densest part of the Red Magic 6 black technology. The left middle frame is lined with game mode switch buttons, fan inlets, volume keys and antennas. The right middle frame is arranged with the touch L shoulder button, the fan outlet, the power button, the microphone, two antennas, and the touch R shoulder button, and the upper and lower frames also have a 3.5mm headphone jack, two antennas, and two microphones. , Full-featured Type-C interface and sim card slot, the configuration is amazing. The touch shoulder buttons, multiple antennas, multiple microphones, and headphone jacks all tightly hold the pain points of gamers.

The accessories also reflect the ingenuity of the Red Magic. The hollow-out design of the protective case can play a non-slip effect during gaming. The standard 66W fast charge charger and customized C2C data cable can not only quickly charge the 5050mAh large battery of the Red Magic 6, but also widely compatible with QC3.0/QC4. 0/PD3.0/PPS and other fast charging protocols, you can charge laptops that support PPS fast charging while on a business trip. The actual test can successfully activate the fast charge for RedmiBook Pro, and you can take a set of chargers when you go out in the future.

In addition, the Red Magic also launched a new Red Magic dual-core heat dissipation back clip, which contains two sets of vertical fans and semiconductor cooling fins, which can achieve rapid cooling of the phone. A Hall sensor is hidden in the clip, which can be turned on when opened, and turned off when retracted. In the two fans, RGB elements that everyone loves are also added, and the light effect and wind power can be adjusted by connecting the mobile phone via Bluetooth. In the next game performance test, IGeekphone will also test its cooling effect for everyone.

Design & Appearance

The most special part of Red Magic 6 is its high-performance screen customized for games. The screen ratio is 20:9 and the resolution is 2400*1080. It supports screen fingerprint unlocking and off-screen display, and it also supports 100% DCI. -P3 colour gamut, HDR video playback and DC dimming functions. Several sets of different screen colour gamut files are prepared in the system settings, and the colour temperature style can also be adjusted steplessly.

The 1080P resolution of this screen is at a normal level, but because the overall size is as high as 6.8 inches, there will be some graininess on the edge of the font when the eyes are close to the screen.

Thanks to the world’s first commercial CPHY-DSI screen interface, this screen supports a variable refresh rate of up to 165Hz, that is, it can refresh 165 frames per second, which is the highest level in the industry.

As we all know, a high refresh rate can greatly reduce the lag and smear phenomenon of the game screen. Among PC gaming monitors, the more popular high refresh rate standard is 144Hz. In recent years, high-end gaming monitors of 165Hz are also popularized. The Red Magic introduced the ultra-high refresh rate of 165Hz to the mobile phone industry, which is indeed the first.

In daily use other than games, 165Hz can also bring a very good experience, of course, the power consumption will also increase. For this reason, Red Magic 6 also supports a variable refresh rate. You can choose the manual setting options of 60Hz, 90hz, 120Hz and 165Hz in the system. According to the experience of the IGeekphone, the high refresh rate has a marginal effect. 60Hz is upgraded to 90Hz It can provide obvious pleasure, and more is to reduce the delay. When we are not playing high-intensity e-sports games, we can adjust it to 90Hz to get a balance between experience and energy saving.

In terms of system, Red Magic 6 is equipped with the Red Magic OS 4.0 system based on Android 11. The default theme of the system is a mechanically customized theme, and the dark mode is turned on by default. Most system applications and mainstream third-party applications support switching to the dark mode with the system, which makes the entire experience process a good immersion sense.

Toggle the “e-sports button” on the border to enter the game space. At this time, the system will automatically clean up the memory and prepare for battle. Open any application in the game space, you can set the performance mode separately, you can also fine-tune the picture parameters and gyroscope sensitivity, for different types of games, different picture enhancement styles are also built in the system.


As a gaming phone, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+LPDDR5 high-speed memory + UFS3.1 flagship flash memory is naturally the basic operation. Red Magic 6 not only has enough materials but also has sufficient cost in terms of performance release. As we all know, the heating problem of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 has plagued many manufacturers, and Red Magic 6 uses a four-pronged combination of 18,000 rpm high-speed fan + VC heat dissipation + thermal gel + graphite sheet. Can it suppress Snapdragon 888? What about a performance monster? IGeekphone will test it now. In order to show its highest performance, in the test, the performance mode of all applications is adjusted to the highest level, and the cooling fan is turned on, and then the following test is performed at room temperature.

The first is the running score link that everyone loves to hear. The GeekBench5 single-core run that reflects the processor performance is scored 1128 points, and the multi-core run scores 3692 points. Compared to the Snapdragon 865, there is an increase of about 20%.

In AndroBench, which embodies storage performance, the Red Magic 6 with UFS3.1 has quite good results in sequential read and write and random read and write. It is reflected in the use of which is to open and switch applications more smoothly and load game maps more quickly.

Since the full name of this phone is Tencent Red Magic Game Phone 6, then it must be in-depth cooperation with Tencent. According to the official Red Magic, they have cooperated with Tencent on part of the application and framework layer. They have gone deep into many dimensions such as technology, products, and ecology. For all Tencent games, they have carried out deep optimization of software and hardware-based on the bottom of the game to bring players Brand new experience. Then let’s first test a few of Tencent’s signature mobile games.

The first is the recent major version update of “Glory of Kings”. The Red Magic 6 has been adapted to the 90-frame mode of “Glory of Kings”. During the game, thanks to the excellent performance release and joint optimization with Tencent, the entire During the game, was stable at 90 frames, and the fluctuation of the number of frames was very low. The temperature of the back cover was only 30.2℃, and there was no freeze. After giving the head, I can’t say that I am stuck.

Then there is the former flagship computer test paper-“Peace Elite”, “Peace Elite” can open the smooth picture quality plus 90 frames mode, and you can also open the HDR high definition plus 40 frames mode.

It can be seen in the frame number graph that no matter what the picture quality is, the frame rate curve is very smooth, the game experience is very smooth, the temperature is not too high, the hottest part is about 31.9°C. In shooting games, the touch shoulder button of the Red Magic 6 comes in handy. You can set the left shoulder to open the mirror and the right shoulder to shoot to achieve a console game-like experience.

Next is the recently launched God-optimized shooting game-“Call of Duty Mobile Games”, similar to “Peace Elite”, it can also be turned on 90 frame mode at a lower quality, or 60 at a higher quality. In the frame mode, the number of frames is very stable regardless of the image quality. There have only been a few small freezes during the whole game, and the hottest point is only 32°C. The overall game experience is very good.

Finally, the first 165Hz high-screen shooting game perfectly adapted to the Red Magic 6-“Ace Warrior”. In “Ace Warrior”, we can turn on the highest picture quality and the highest frame rate, and the frame rate can also be maintained At about 160 frames, with the blessing of the 165Hz high screen, the shooting feel is very refreshing, and the gun pressure has become a lot easier.

After the above games, the author found that the high screen refresh is immediate for the improvement of shooting games. The 165Hz refresh rate of Red Magic 6 and the 360Hz multi-finger sampling rate allow the author to spot the enemy and shoot bullets the first time.

The above games do not feel hot when playing. On the one hand, the heat dissipation of Red Magic 6 is indeed excellent, on the other hand, these games are far from being able to drain the potential of Snapdragon 888. Finally, let’s test the mountain that few mobile phones can conquer-“Original God”. Among the highest special effects of the original god, the performance of the Red Magic 6 is also surprising. Except for the frame drop when the scene is switched, it is stable at around 60 frames at other times.

Although the processor temperature has reached nearly 50°C, the temperature of the back cover has reached 42°C, and the grip has become relatively hot, but the Red Magic 6 still has no frequency reduction. If we wear the Red Magic dual-core cooling back clip, the core temperature will drop by about 3°C, because, without the cooling back clip, we can run at full frames, so it does not significantly help the performance release. But the most important thing is that the hand feels less hot, and it can be held and played for a long time.

The temperature when not wearing a cooling back clip

It can be said that Red Magic 6 conquered the Snapdragon 888 with its powerful cooling system, and also conquered the mountain of “Original God”.

For gamers, endurance performance is also very important. The Red Magic 6 is equipped with a large 5050mAh battery, which indeed brings a very good endurance performance. After testing by IGeekphone, adjust the screen to 50% brightness and 165Hz refresh rate, turn on high-performance mode and fan cooling, and play for half an hour of “Peace Elite” and half an hour of “Honor of Kings”. Only reduced from 100% to 84%, combined with the 55W fast charge, basically solved the battery life anxiety of mobile game players.


For a gaming mobile phone, the importance of the camera is not that high, and it is even dubbed a code scanner by many netizens. However, Red Magic 6 still adopted a three-shot plan.

Through retrieval of hardware information, it is found that the main camera is a 64-megapixel Samsung S5KGW3 sensor with a unit pixel width of 0.7um and a bottom of 1/1.97″. It supports HDR shooting and up to 8K video shooting. In the real shot proofs, Red Magic 6 can be called AI recognizes the current object, makes the colours more vivid and more pleasing to the eye, and the overall image quality during the day is still good.

However, the low light performance is less satisfactory. The specific performance is that the highlights cannot be suppressed, and it is difficult to produce films in an extremely low light environment. It is difficult to take a clear picture of the “Sinopec” light card that is manually focused on high light in low light.

The sub-cameras are an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel macro lens. It is a relatively conventional three-camera match. The strange thing is that the Red Magic put the wide-angle switch in the professional mode. Hard to find. The image quality of the ultra-wide-angle lens is acceptable, but the colour tone is cold.

The macro lens needs to be opened in the “Camera Family” menu. The actual measurement can achieve the focus of the nearest 3cm object, and the image quality is relatively average. In terms of camera software, the Red Magic also inherited Nubia’s traditional arts and provided many interesting shooting tools to meet the needs of a variety of shooting scenes.

In terms of audio and video experience, Red Magic 6 also has many highlights. It not only retains the extremely advanced and friendly 3.5mm headphone jack for gamers but also supports DTS Ultra X surround sound technology, which makes it easier to capture the enemy’s footsteps when wearing headphones. sound. What if there is no earphone? Red Magic 6 also supports dual-speaker stereo effects on the earpiece, combined with dual Smart PA technology, can also have a good sound quality when playing outside.

Red Magic 6 is equipped with a full-featured Type-C interface, which also gives it the possibility of multi-screen low-latency interaction. It supports multi-mode projection such as wireless, USB, DP/HDMI, etc. You can use the mouse and keyboard to control the mobile game by downloading the “Red Magic Projection” software on the computer. You can also connect an external gaming monitor to achieve ultra-high frame rate projection of up to 165Hz, which is quite a rare feature on the mobile phone.

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With the continuous expansion of the mobile gaming market, players’ demand for a high-quality gaming mobile phone is also increasing day by day. At the same time, the high refresh rate of 165Hz + the excellent performance of Snapdragon 888 + the efficient heat dissipation of the fan heat pipe + 5050mAh large battery + 55 watts of fast charging Tencent Red Magic gaming phone 6, it is such a perfect match for the requirements of mobile gamers Cell phone.

The Red Magic 6 still continues the genes of the Red Magic family. Although it has a slightly thicker figure and a bit tasteless when taking pictures, as a gaming phone, it does deliver a satisfactory answer to the players.


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