Redmi K50 Supreme 1.5K Straight Screen Secret Unveiled


This afternoon, Redmi Phone officially revealed the secret of Redmi K50 Supreme, a custom straight screen.

According to officials, Redmi K50 Super has a straight screen with a customized 1.5K resolution, which allows for both display performance and power saving.

With a resolution of 446PPi, the display looks and feels close to 2K, while achieving a resolution of almost 1080P with low power consumption, so users don’t have to choose between battery life and HD display.

Meanwhile, the official said that this time will also bring a high level of eye protection, color experience, and breakthrough brightness consistency, screen technology, screen life and other three technical directions.

According to the official rendering, Redmi K50 Super edition continues the front-shot scheme with a hole in the center, which has also been Xiaomi’s mainstream specification for the past two years. The left-right symmetry makes the vast majority of users more comfortable.

In addition to these, it was previously revealed that the device will support 1920 high-frequency PWM dimming, which can almost perfectly solve the OLED screen “hot eyes” problem, and the display effect is better than DC dimming, will not appear rag screen situation.

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What do you think of this 1.5K custom straight screen?


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