Redmi Smart TV X65 2022 Review: 65 inches LED With Incredible Price


Redmi entered the field of smart TVs, and the Redmi smart TV X series released in May last year has achieved rapid improvement in product strength.

In the smart TV market at that time, manufacturers were fully reflecting the comparison of size and price. The market was full of giant screens of 70 inches and above. This also gives the Redmi Smart TV X series a successful foundation. With the right size, excellent image quality, rich product features, and of course a butcher’s price, the Redmi Smart TV X series has become the No. 1 single product sales on in 2020.

Of course, other manufacturers are not vegetarians. Whoever succeeds will “pay tribute”. Soon the advantages of the Redmi Smart TV X series will be “popularized” by other manufacturers. After a lapse of 1 year and 5 months, the Redmi Smart TV X65 2022 finally ushered in, featuring dual 120Hz fast screens and smoother viewing.

Although since last year, the question of whether it is necessary to use a high refresh rate screen for smart TVs has never stopped, high refresh rate can solve problems such as screen smear and screen tearing. Let’s take a look at the picture performance under different refresh rates. Under the dynamic display, the results of different frame rates are different. Let’s pause to see the specific differences.

The reason for most screen smears is that the screen refresh rate is not enough, which leads to a long time for a single frame, which forms smears in the visual effect. It is straightforward to say that the low refresh rate screen jumps directly from 1 to 10, high The refresh rate picture is shown in every frame from 1 to 10, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and naturally there is no smear.

The 120Hz screen can display 120 frames of pictures, the 60Hz screen can display 60 frames of pictures, and so on. This is where the manufacturer’s intention to launch a high refresh rate lies.

In addition, the addition of the MTK9650 flagship chip provides a high-performance guarantee for the system operation of smart TVs, and the HDMI 2.1 interface, which is rare in the industry, can bring lower signal delay. The most important thing is that the Redmi X65 2022 model brings features that other manufacturers cannot imitate-65-inch smart TV settled in the 3000 yuan file.

The following are the detailed parameters of the Redmi X65 2022 smart TV:


What we received is that the Redmi Smart TV X 2022 is a 65-inch version with a screen-to-body ratio of 97%, and there is only one screen when viewed from the front. At the same time, 65 inches is not as big as 80 inches, and it will not look obtrusive when placed in the living room.

The biggest fear of large-size screens is that the frame does not support the screen. The Redmi X65 2022 uses a common metal frame, which is sufficient for a 65-inch volume.

Considering that the Redmi X65 2022 model is positioned at 3000 yuan, it is natural to give up some things for its high-cost performance. It is understandable that it does not adopt a more costly integrated molding. The curved edges on both sides make Redmi X65 2022 visually thinner than ordinary smart TVs.

The back design is relatively simple, the hidden interfaces are distributed in the lower right corner of the back, and the left side is the power cord with a built-in power adapter. Compared with the previous generation, the interface position is closer to the frame, which is more convenient for daily use.

The interface arrangement is consistent with the previous generation, divided into two types: vertical and horizontal. The vertical interfaces are 2 HDMI 2.0 interfaces, 1 HDMI 2.1 interface, and 2 USB interfaces.

The horizontal interfaces are SPDIF interface, AV interface, wired network interface, and Antenna interface. The metal bracket is consistent with the previous generation, the design is simple, and it can be fixed with only two screws. The included Bluetooth remote control is still powered by two AA batteries and has a very simple shape. You can press and hold the voice button to call out Xiao Ai.

Picture quality

Redmi X65 2022 uses the MTK9650 chip, quad-core architecture + Mali G52 MC1 GPU architecture + 1T computing power APU, which provides a solid foundation for the image quality algorithm. As for the color and contrast display of the panel, it depends on the manufacturer’s adjustment.

Let’s first look at the screen quality.

The test tool is Starscream, and the test results are 100% sRGB, 88% AdobeRGB, and 92% P3. The resolution of the Redmi X65 2022 model is 3840*2160, let’s look at the resolution test again.

It can be seen that the screen panel of the Redmi X65 2022 meets the test requirements, and the details are still relatively clear. Redmi X65 2022 comes with image quality compensation, and the default state is on. Let’s take a look at the comparison effect.

The above picture is off and the bottom picture is on. When the picture is not bright enough, the picture quality compensation is more obvious in the bright part of the picture, and the details in the dark part are average.

When the picture brightness is sufficient, you can see the obvious difference. After the picture quality compensation is turned on, the picture is obviously clearer and brighter, just like the blurry mist in the original video is erased. It’s pretty obvious.

In terms of sound quality, Redmi X65 2022 supports Dolby Atmos and is compatible with all Dolby format sources, which is more friendly for resetting old movies.


The most important feature of smart TVs that should be removed is TV advertisements. If there are too many advertisements in daily use, the viewing experience will be greatly reduced.

This is not a problem for the Redmi X65 2022 model. In the rest screen state, the wake-up time is less than 2 seconds, and the most important thing is that there is no advertisement.

When using a mobile phone to screen wirelessly, the picture delay is between 0.1s and 0.15s, which is not too big. It is completely possible to screen the phone to a smart TV. It will be very comfortable whether it is playing games or watching videos.

In addition, it supports the feature of a 120Hz high refresh, which can avoid screen tearing and smear when the game frame rate is too high. This is not available on the 60Hz refresh rate screen. Daily high frame rate video playback is also suitable for the Redmi X65 2022 model. It’s not difficult.

Content experience

In daily use, the most important thing is of course the TV content. The Redmi X65 2022 model gathers Kiwi TV, Aurora TV, CIBN Kucat TV, Mango TV, and cloud audio-visual small TV, popular movies, variety shows, animation, children’s content, and more.

The content orientation of each platform is not the same, especially considering the video copyright issue, multi-platform integration is a good solution, and it is also a solution that is currently used by mainstream smart TVs.

For the more popular TV programs, the Redmi X65 2022 directly puts the TV program name on the menu bar, which is convenient for users to find.

What is more surprising is that Japanese comics can also be watched, and it is currently the more popular fan.

In terms of resource integration, the Redmi X65 2022 model supports all common resource searches and has subdivided multiple categories in resource search, including channel, type, region, and the current hottest.

The resources of the Redmi X65 2022 model almost cover the entire network, but there is still a lot of content that needs to be opened to watch. This is also a common problem of current smart TVs, and Redmi is not immune.


Redmi X65 2022, as a rare smart TV with a refresh rate of 120Hz, once again broke through the bottom line of the industry’s price. The 65-inch size can actually push the price to 3000 gears, which is somewhat unfair to other manufacturers, but for ordinary consumers, it is best to have more competition like this.

In addition to the high brush, the Redmi X65 2022 model has also achieved the top level in the industry at the hardware level. The MTK 9650 provides strong performance support. You must know that this MTK 9650 was also used on the Xiaomi transparent TV worth 49,999 yuan last year. , The performance is naturally no doubt.

The 4K resolution quasi-professional level panel and the 65-inch volume make the display effect of the Redmi X65 2022 almost full. In order to keep improving, it also adds image quality compensation technology. From the current point of view, the performance has reached a very high level. And there is still a lot of room for improvement, which is also a direction for the follow-up upgrade of the Redmi X65 2022 model.

In any case, Redmi X65 2022 model is a cost-effective smart TV that can combine 65 inches + 4K resolution + 120Hz refresh rate + ultra-low latency + massive content together, and the price is reduced to 3000 yuan. Grade, there is no second one on the market yet.

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If you like to enjoy the invigorating movie-watching experience brought by the big screen at home, then the Redmi X65 2022 model must be a good choice.


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