Ria Money Transfer app Germany


Ria opened its first brick and mortar store in New York City in 1987. Today Ria offers a range of services and delights customers in more than 160 countries. The company features among the top 5 remittance services in the world by volume. Millions of transfers are sent every day through Ria. In a non-stop quest to serve customers better, Ria is launching its popular mobile app in more countries, including Germany.

German users

One of Europe’s largest and most resilient economies, Germany is home to 13.1 million migrants. The amount of remittances flowing out of Germany annually exceeds $25.4 billion. Remittance senders in Germany are accustomed to online money transfer services such as riamoneytransfer.com. The migrant community in Germany is comprised largely of workers from elsewhere in Europe. A majority of them are speakers of German. Launching the app in Germany and making it available in the German language will make it accessible to this vibrant community.

Feature rich

Ria’s app was first launched in 2019 in the US and Canada. The web based service was already popular in North America. The app received a very positive response as well. Over the months Ria’s development team added more features to the app based on user feedback.

One of the advantages of using an app is more security. Mobile devices are personal and can be access-protected. Sending a remittance via an app on your phone is better than using a shared computer in an office or café. But this is not all. The Ria money transfer app also lets you enable fingerprint recognition and face recognition to verify your transfers. German users are particularly discerning when it comes to security, and would love this feature.

Speed and ease

The convenience of an app surpasses using a web browser. Your information is securely saved. Using the app you don’t have to log on every time, as you would on a browser. This means you can send repeat transfers with fewer gestures.

Another feature designed to save you time is the app’s in-built ‘location finder’. Using it you can quickly find the closest and most convenient Ria location. Simply enter the city name or zip code. The app will instantly give you a list of locations to choose from.

Also, now you no longer need to type your bank card info into the app. Just use your phone’s camera to take a picture of your card. The app will automatically recognize the card number and display it on your screen. No more mistypes, corrections, or wasted time.

Tracking and notifications

It is important for remittance senders to update the recipients. The app makes this easy. After creating a transfer you can easily share the details with your beneficiary. You can do this from inside the app using your favorite method, such as WhatsApp, or email. The app also sends push notifications to your phone throughout the transfer process. Even though most transfers are completed within minutes, it is always gratifying to receive live updates. The Ria money transfer app is built to make your remittances faster, easier, and more reliable.


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