Roborock P10 Review: A Robot Vacuum That’s Worth the Price


The Roborock robot vacuum cleaner P series has been upgraded again. Based on inheriting the high-quality experience, it has applied high-speed dual-rotation constant humidity mopping and brought an all-around base station, 5500Pa large suction, and AI intelligent control. New functions, such as the lifting module and the newly upgraded RR mason10.0 algorithm, complement each other, creating a cost-effective experience. This is the just-released Roborock self-cleaning, sweeping, and mopping robot Roborock P10. You can check mi pad 6 details here.

1. High-speed double-spin mop wipes the floor, saving time and effort

As a blockbuster product updated in three years, the Roborock P10 is honored to be its first self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot that uses a double-disc rotating mop.

With a high-powered motor, the Roborock P10 has a high-speed double-spin capability of up to 200 rpm, especially for dry stains, such as milk, soy sauce, beverages, etc. With a high-powered motor, the grip is more robust, no matter how rough. The high-resistance ground can also do a job quickly.

Compared with the method of the single mop, cleaning back and forth is time-consuming and costly. This double-rotation cleaning method can quickly decontaminate with one sweep, saving time and effort.

2. Two-way automatic hot air drying base station and mop are all dried

The previous all-in-one sweeping and mopping machines did not have a drying function, especially the robot with a self-cleaning base station. After cleaning and returning to the base station, it was only a simple cleaning, and the water stains remained in the mop. It produces odor and mold and even endangers your family’s health.

Later, the mop drying module appeared, which can dry the mop as a plug-in, but this method is more energy-consuming, and there is nothing we can do when we are not at home.

Today’s Roborock P10 integrates a drying module inside the base station and uses two-way automatic hot air drying, even drying the mop and the base station, avoiding the problem of odor and insects caused by long-term overtime.

3. Reactive Tech integrated obstacle avoidance without fear of the dark environment

Roborock P10 has multi-sensor fusion Roborock obstacle avoidance technology. With the help of structured light ranging sensor, LDS, gyroscope, ODO, wall sensor, and other fusion auxiliary judgments, the robot’s obstacle avoidance accuracy is greatly improved, and it also avoids obstacles in the Missing sweep phenomenon during cleaning.

Moreover, in a dark environment with insufficient light, it can achieve no need to fill in light, no fear of dark backgrounds, reduce collisions and jamming, and effectively improve cleaning efficiency.


Roborock self-cleaning, sweeping, and mopping robot P10 also inherits the white color of the previous generation. The machine looks very clean and will feel slightly fresh at home.

The front of the robot is the structured light obstacle avoidance module, which can effectively avoid obstacles. The recharge sensor is integrated inside, which is used to automatically return to the base station for charging and docking after cleaning.

The robot’s top is effortless, with only one power button and one HOME button. Compared with the three big buttons of big brother, it lacks a child lock function.

The back is a laser head pressure sensor and a laser ranging sensor, which plays the role of furniture orientation recognition and distance measurement when mapping the home environment.

Open the top cover of the robot, you can see the lowered dust box and the indicator light, and you can check the real-time status of the WiFi connection through the indicator light. There is a filter in the dust box, which can be quickly taken out.

There are two driving wheels and one universal wheel at the bottom of the fuselage; facing the room’s threshold is not a problem. Roborock P10 has a single-sided brush, the middle is a soft rubber main brush, and the bottom is a high-speed double-rotating constant-humidity mop. When mopping the floor, it can perform high-speed internal rotation at up to 200 rpm, effectively cleaning stubborn dry stains.

The main brush of Roborock P10 is made of TPU soft rubber material and designed with Archimedes oblique spiral. This design has a more vital grip ability and effectively solves the trouble of hair entanglement. Secondly, it can also avoid getting stuck with Mistakes and other headaches.

Roborock P10 is a full-featured self-cleaning base station. The base station has a fully disassembled cleaning plate, and a Hall sensor is installed in the cleaning plate, which can effectively reduce the error of washing cloth overflow.

This base station can change the water, replenish water, clean the mop, antibacterial, detachable cleaning tray, dust collection, and dry mop for the robot.

The most important thing is the drying function. The base station of the Roborock P10 integrates a hot air drying function, which can not only dry the mop but also dry the cleaning plate during use to avoid moisture in the wet state for a long time. Odor, mold, insects, and other troubles also solve the problem of “cleaning and freeing hands, but difficult to take care of” to the greatest extent.

On the top of the base station are two intelligent control water tanks, one clean water tank, and one sewage tank. When the robot cleans and automatically refills, the mop will be self-cleaned, and the cleaned sewage will be automatically introduced into the sewage tank.

A dust collection bag is integrated into the middle of the base station, where all the garbage cleaned by the robot can be stored.

Regarding accessories, the Roborock P10 has double-rotating mop modules, dust bags, cleaning fluid, and product instructions.

Cleaning experience

1. Quick map building

Roborock P10 combines a laser ranging sensor and a laser pressure sensor to quickly identify furniture placement and the distance between each other. When we use Roborock P10 for the first time, the robot will take the lead in scanning and identifying the home environment for subsequent work better in that environment.

After our tests, the Roborock P10 can complete a quick map of a nearly 10 square meters bedroom within 2 minutes and complete the furniture placement on the map.

2. Cleaning experience

Roborock P10 has a significant suction power of 5500Pa, and the machine is divided into five gears: quiet, standard, robust, Max, and Max+. Among them, the Max+ gear is mainly suitable for deep cleaning critical areas, which consumes a lot of power and is noisy. It will be more prominent. For daily household cleaning, we can use the first four.

The standard mode can meet our needs in cleaning debris, hair, and other garbage in the family. For this, we adjusted the vacuum level of the Roborock P10 to the standard method for testing.

It can be seen that the Roborock P10 can easily absorb the potato chip debris on the ground in the standard gear.

Secondly, this double-rotating mop can lift. When the sweeper recognizes a short-haired carpet, it can automatically raise the mop, preventing it from getting wet.

We also tested the sweeping mode of the Roborock P10.

The double mop with a maximum speed of 200 RPM can wipe the floor inwardly at high speed, and the sweeping mode is still expected. It can be easily cleaned with this dry and wet mixture of potato chips + cola. Lightweight dry and wet mixed garbage, with the help of Roborock P10, can help us.

3. Obstacle avoidance experience

With the Reactive Tech integrated obstacle avoidance system, the Roborock P10 has a more accurate obstacle avoidance ability when dealing with wires, table legs, slippers, etc.

After our tests, the front obstacle avoidance system of the Roborock P10 is like our glasses. When you see an obstacle, you know how to go around it. When facing a lighter trash can, clean it around it, and only touch the edge of the trash can. There will be no embarrassing situation where traditional sweepers run while sweeping against the trash can.

Base station experience

The base station of Roborock P10 integrates many functions of automatic dust collection, automatic water replenishment, automatic cloth washing, automatic drying, and the automatic addition of cleaning fluid. Dust, followed by mop cleaning, water replenishment, drying, and other operations.

To this. We also tested its self-cleaning effect.

1. Dust collection

The Roborock P10 has a 2.7L large-capacity dust bag, which an average family can use for 65 days, equivalent to only needing to dump the garbage six times a year.

We cleaned up the garbage in the house in advance, and now we could see that the dust box was full of garbage.

After automatic dust collection, there are almost no particles of garbage left in the dust box, and all of them are sucked away by the base station.

2. The mop is self-cleaning

After we finished sweeping and mopping, the mop was already full of stains, and the original white mop had turned into a black piece.

We use daily washing for testing. The clearing process is divided into three stages: pre-washing, rinsing, and drying. The speed and water volume will change dynamically according to different locations, which can deeply clean the stains on the mop.

Daily washing will last about 5-6 minutes. After washing, you can see that the mop is white, and the surface is as perfect as ever.

3. Drying

After self-cleaning, the base station will automatically dry the mop with hot air at 45 degrees. After about 2 hours, the water stains on the mop are almost eliminated.

Of course, we can also set the drying time. When the mop is deeply cleaned, it is recommended to use a drying time of 3 to 4 hours, which can ensure the drying effect to the greatest extent.

We are in a northern city, where the climate is relatively dry. If we do not dry the mop, the wet mop will quickly stink and mold after being squeezed in the small base station for a long time, causing pollution to the indoor environment.

APP experience

On the APP’s home page, we can see the real-time status of the sweeping robot. The shortcut instructions at the bottom of the page can customize the cleaning position, cleaning mode, and cleaning times. After we set it up, we can quickly operate the robot on the home page. Work where cleaning is required.

For example, whenever we finish eating in a restaurant, we set the robot to perform sweeping and dragging operations at the restaurant location. We only need to click the “clean after meal” command to operate the robot to work automatically. Of course, the set command name can also be customized. With this function, you can avoid cumbersome operations and control the sweeper with one button to perform cleaning in various ways and modes.

Secondly, in the APP, we can control the robot’s dust collection, cloth washing, and drying and view the base station’s information in real-time. You can see the unusualness of the base station.

In addition, the APP can also be used to customize the cleaning area and restricted area of ​​the robot so that the robot can perform fixed-point cleaning in the designated area. This function is more suitable for cleaning a room with garbage or dirty ground. When the robot cleans After finishing, it will automatically return to the base station for water replenishment, self-cleaning, and charging.


Roborock Technology has always made innovations in sweeping robots based on technological innovation as the underlying logic. Now it has transformed into a leader in a series of household cleaning products and a leader in changing the lifestyle at home.

From the initial single dust collection function to the popularization of mop self-cleaning + dust collection dual roles to today’s full-featured base station that integrates washing, repairing, collecting, and drying in the products of Roborock Technology, we have seen self-cleaning—changes in the form of cleaning, sweeping, and mopping integrated robots.

The Roborock self-cleaning sweeping and mopping all-in-one machine P10 we tested gradually evolved from the original S5 single sweeping and mopping product form of Roborock Technology and was finally transformed into a collection of sweeping, mopping, washing cloth, water replenishment, dust collection, and drying. , antibacterial all-around sweeping and mopping robot.

1. High-precision obstacle avoidance and intelligent avoidance of obstacles

The Reactive Tech integrated obstacle avoidance of the Roborock P10 incorporates structured light, LDS, gyroscope, and ODO along the wall.

Sensors and other sensors, combined with laser ranging sensors, allow the robot to have more accurate recognition and more robust varying capabilities, plan the cleaning route, slow down when it collides with obstacles, and avoid obstacles. Inertia causes damage to furniture.

After our tests, the obstacle avoidance system of the Roborock P10 is sufficient to deal with most of the obstacles in the home, such as furniture, ornaments, slippers, etc. It is safe to let the robot clean at home when you are away from home.

2. High-speed double-rotating constant-humidity mop sweeps stubborn stains

The high-speed double-rotating constant-humidity mop equipped with Roborock P10 uses the high-speed internal rotation capability of 200 rpm to powerfully remove stubborn stains on the ground.

Secondly, this high-speed dual-rotation mopping solution also has excellent cleaning ability in the face of viscous liquids such as milk, cola, and soy sauce.

3. The all-round self-cleaning base station with integrated drying capability can be described as a blessing for lazy people

This time, the Roborock P10 integrates the drying capability into the base station, the two-way drying of the mop, and the base station. After our test, it can dry the mop from utterly wet to no water stains within 2 hours—Dry effect.

Overall, the Roborock self-cleaning sweeping robot P10 has genuinely realized a cleaning tool that can automatically take care of the home sanitation environment when people are away from home, and the unique automatic drying function also avoids mildew due to mop odor. Suppose you need a one-step self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot, or you often travel on business without one to take care of your home. In that case, consider the latest self-cleaning sweeping and mopping robot, P10, from Roborock Technology!

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