Samsung Galaxy A10 Pro Exposure, 48MP Camera, Snapdragon 845, 4300mAh Battery


Samsung has been recognized by many people like the Emperor. They used to be a Nokia. Because this phone is not casual, it has its own innovative personality. The design of the Samsung S series and Note series has been quite popular among users. Appreciation has also led the trend of the times, the full-view curved screen is also very beautiful! Of course, Samsung is not only the S and Note series but also the A series is also very popular with users. Just earlier this month, Samsung released the Galaxy A8s, using the screen punching method, placing the front camera, I believe there will be more in the later stage. Many Samsung phones use this design method.

The release of the Samsung mobile phone model is somewhat strange and can be released backwards. For example, it is clear that the A9s are now released, and then the A8s are released, which is quite different from the domestically released machines. Of course, the next generation of Samsung is definitely going to the A10 series, and now there are foreign media reports on the appearance and configuration of the Samsung Galaxy A10 Pro.

From the front, the Samsung Galaxy A10 Pro uses a punching method to place the front camera, but unlike the A8s, the A8s has a larger hole and is located at the upper left end of the screen, while the A10 Pro uses a centered position, in fact, according to the user. In the self-timer experience, the centered front camera experience will be better, and Samsung is also aware of this. The back design is very simple, using a horizontal centered double camera solution. As for the camera, the Samsung A10 Pro is equipped with a 48-megapixel HD self-timer camera and a rear-facing 24MP + 8MP dual camera solution.

In addition to the value of the face, everyone is most concerned about the configuration of the mobile phone, Samsung A10 Pro equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, this processor is really good, but next year may be the world of Xiaolong 855, Samsung A10 Pro equipped with Xiaolong 845, maybe the advantage in the price, otherwise it is difficult to attract users to favor! Configure 6GB, 8GB storage, 64GB, 256GB flash memory options. Built-in 4300mAh large battery, Samsung is also a bit strange, the flagship battery side is not as big as the low-end battery.

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Samsung A10 Pro‘s face value is still good, not losing to Huawei Nova4! Foreign media forecast, Samsung A10 Pro is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2019, because Samsung will release the Samsung S10 series high-end flagship machine in the first quarter, A10 Pro is also reasonable in the second quarter, after all, certainly not the S series is important, However, the price will be much cheaper than the S10 series. How much do you think this phone is suitable?

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