Samsung Galaxy Fold Disassemble: The Internal Structure is Really Complicated


Earlier, some foreign media and KOL reflected that Samsung Galaxy Fold soon after the evaluation, there appeared a more obvious problem – the performance of the screen cracked, black screen, flashing and so on.  Although Samsung’s follow-up update FAQ said that the protective film attached to the front should not be torn off, these malfunctioning machines are not all caused by tearing the film. In response, Samsung said it would investigate the reasons.

According to “Daily Economic News” quoted Samsung China public relations news, Samsung has canceled its folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Fold originally scheduled to be held in Shanghai next Wednesday in China. However, Samsung explained the reason for the venue and said that the delay time cannot be determined.

Recently, Weibo users exposed the dismantling map of Samsung Galaxy Fold (the microblog has been deleted). From the dismantling diagram, the internal layout of Samsung Galaxy Fold is significantly different from that of traditional smartphones due to the folding screen design. The structure is more complicated and sophisticated.

Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy Fold consists of two separate motherboards, each with a battery on each side, connected by metal hinges, and transmits signals through the cable to ensure that the entire content is displayed on both sides.

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However, despite the clever design and the presence of baffles, the Samsung Galaxy Fold still has visible gaps between the naked eye and does not block dust and liquid from entering the inside of the phone. The protection performance is much worse than that of traditional smartphones.

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