Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Be Codenamed ‘Beyond’ With Under the Screen Fingerprint Sensor


According to a new report from Korea, the Samsung has codenamed the next-generation Galaxy S smartphone ‘Beyond’. This is an interesting name, Samsung has created attractive code names for all of its devices, such as the Galaxy S9 series called “Star” and the Galaxy S8 series code-named “Dream”. There is still a long way to go for the Galaxy S10. However, this is a good sign when Samsung is starting to develop new flagship line.

According to the report, the manufacturer has shared the code name with partners and Samsung also plans to introduce fingerprint sensor technology in the integrated screen on the Galaxy S10, which it has been trying to develop for the past two years. There are several devices available on the Market equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint sensors in the screen but this type of sensor is not really perfect.

Samsung has tried to use the technology from the Galaxy S8 but failed due to technical issues. They also found that the fingerprint sensor technology integrated into the screen was not really fast and was looking for suppliers.

According to previous foreign media reports, the S10/S10+ design has been finalized. The screens are 5.8”/6.3”. They all use the full-view curved screen and add fingerprint under the screen technology. Currently, Samsung is supplying with Qualcomm, Synaptics, and Aegis Tech. Business cooperation to ensure the smooth implementation of fingerprints under the screen.

Currently, Huawei and Vivo have adopted it, and there are nearly 10 months before the S10 series is released. I hope this can finally be done. At the same time, if no accident, S10 series will also carry Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, and Samsung’s own next-generation Exynos.

Earlier it was said that the Galaxy S10 may be renamed the Galaxy X to commemorate its 10th anniversary and also open a new sequence. However, the Galaxy X has always been considered to be a foldable phone, so in the end, it has to look at how Samsung chose.

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In addition to the fingerprint sensor technology in the screen, the Galaxy S10 will also have 3D face recognition technology, as on the iPhone X. Currently, the camera system on the Galaxy S9 Plus can change the aperture, do not know in the Future succession of the next also have what changes, we wait and see!

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