Samsung introduces 2023 Interactive Display electronic whiteboard


At Bett 2023, Europe’s largest education technology show in London, Samsung unveiled its new 2023 Interactive Display whiteboard, which comes in 65 -, 75 – and 86-inch versions. You can use Samsung phone to enjoy minecraft 1.20 apk here.

The 2023 Interactive Display electronic whiteboard is mainly aimed at the education market. Teachers can use text, photos, videos, applications and more on the whiteboard. All solutions also provide UHD high-definition text resolution to improve teaching quality.

The main specifications of the IGeekphone with 2023 Interactive Display whiteboard are as follows:

The USB-C port supports up to 65W output

Up to 9 IT devices can be connected wirelessly

HDMI Out can be used in the auditorium and other environments on the screen to a larger screen

Support picture in picture and split screen mode

Supports 20-point touch control

Samsung also announced today the new Samsung Whiteboard app, which works with 2023 Interactive Display to provide a seamless educational experience.

The Samsung Whiteboard app brings your PC screen to the electronic whiteboard, allowing you to share your notes in real time after you’ve made them, or even transfer your writing to each other’s PC screens in real time during a video conference.


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