Samsung Memory 64GB EVO Plus MicroSDXC At Cheapest


The smartphones have evolved into something no one had ever imagined, they are being used in our every walk of life and have penetrated every other field out there. With the rise of handheld gadgets like phones, tablets, notebooks, cameras etc you get the host of accessories with them. Micro sd cards are the saviour of many users as premium phones don’t come with lot of storage and need to be expanded, here is Samsung 64GB EVO Plus Micro SDXC card. 


Samsung is a master is making memory devices or and has been in the industry far too long. As a result it supplies many of the OEMs memory devices. The EVO series of Samsung SD cards are known for there high read/write speeds , in this particular case you get a speed of ,Read speed: up to 80MB/s and Write speed: up to 20MB/s.

The Samsung EVO Plus 64GB Micro sd card is a perfect little accessory to store all your important media files, documents and what not. With Samsung EVO series you get the latest UHS-1 class 10. So you can get reliability and also physical strength. The micro sd card stand upto 72 hours in sea water at 35 degree temperature. It is available for just $19 here.


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