Samsung’s New Folding Screen Called Galaxy Bloom: Inspired by Lancome Powder, Supports 8K Video Recording


There have been rumors that Samsung is developing its clamshell foldable smartphone code-named “Bloom”, and according to foreign media reports, the name of this new Samsung folding-screen phone is actually Galaxy Bloom.

According to reports, Samsung recently revealed the name of its next-generation foldable smartphone at a CES closed-door meeting with major partners. At the same time, participants also confirmed the use of the Galaxy S20 to replace the Galaxy S11 series. Both phones support 8K video.

According to a report from South Korea, Samsung Mobile’s chief executive DJ Koh spoke about the company’s upcoming product at this CES closed-door meeting. Samsung is expected to name its upcoming foldable smartphone Galaxy Bloom. The report also provided a leaked image that looked like a presentation slide, with an image of a foldable smartphone and the Bloom name.

Koh said that the design of the Galaxy Bloom is inspired by French cosmetics giant Lancôme’s compact makeup powder. The company will conduct a survey on this product, mainly aimed at women in their 20s, so the product design will make them more familiar.

The Samsung conference also confirmed that the Galaxy S11 will indeed be released under the name of the Galaxy S20. Samsung is doing this to adopt a new marketing strategy for its devices at the beginning of the new decade, with the new flagship models coming in the form of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

It is reported that Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Bloom both support 8K video recording. Samsung has reportedly been working with Google to stream 8K videos to YouTube. Many video streaming giants on the market are expected to enable 8K streaming shortly after the release of these products, and this also solves another problem for Samsung: Samsung is vigorously promoting its 8K TVs, but there are not many resources limited to 8K video content, So most people will not consider replacing 8K TV.

One of the easiest ways to solve the long-term shortage of 8K content is to allow people to record 8K videos via mobile phones. YouTube is one of the largest video platforms. As long as YouTube has local 8K content, many customers can consider replacing 8K Samsung TV.

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One thing that must be mentioned here is that Samsung almost always holds closed meetings with its main partners at CES. News about Samsung on foldable smartphones also came first from one of these meetings. Therefore, the report shows high credibility. Samsung recently stated that the two new phones mentioned above have been confirmed for launch at the Unpacked event on February 11, 2020.


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