SCULPFUN S30 PRO MAX Review – 20W Laser Engraver From TOMTOP at €699 with Coupon


In recent times, desktop laser engravers and cutting machines have become quite popular in both commercial spaces and personal hobby workshops. Among these devices, the SCULPFUN S30 PRO MAX has garnered significant attention as it is the priciest laser engraver in SCULPFUN’s S30 product line but also happens to be the most powerful, boasting 20 watts of power. With this feature, it can effortlessly cut through basal wood of up to 15 mm thickness and plywood of up to 10 mm thickness, ensuring clean engraving and cutting. This makes it an excellent option for creating exquisite gifts.


Constructed with high-strength aluminum alloy, the SCULPFUN S30 PRO MAX is immensely durable and can withstand a weight of up to 50 kg without harm. The frame boasts exceptional longevity while retaining optimal precision, requiring only a laser upgrade for machine upgrades. The A4 steel pad provided provides ample protection from laser damage. A prominent power switch is situated on the machine; allowing for swift and direct power shutdown in the event of an emergency. Both the X and Y-axis have precise scale lines; forming a measuring ruler that makes quick sizing of engraved objects a breeze.

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The engraving area of the SCULPFUN S30 PRO MAX is 410x400mm, and its XY-axis design is expandable. In case you need a larger engraving area, you can buy a Y-axis expansion kit to expand it to 935x400mm. Furthermore, you can purchase an XY-axis expansion kit to upgrade the engraving area to 935x905mm; which makes it ideal for handling large-area engraving or cutting work. With a 32-bit motherboard, automatic air-assist control, Bluetooth, and an SD card offline printing function; the S30 PRO MAX is a highly advanced engraving machine.

Its X-axis is equipped with solid and high-precision linear slide rail, ensuring industrial-grade engraving accuracy. Comparing the small engraving details with ordinary machines, you won’t see the wavy pattern on the S30 PRO MAX. The S30 series features ultra-thin laser shaping technology, which provides powerful and precise engraving or cutting capabilities. These machines are best suited for professionals, shops, or factories that require ultimate cutting speed.


The SCULPFUN S30 Pro Max 20W laser engraver offered here uses the most powerful laser; and has a focus of 0.08 x 0.1 mm. You can buy SCULPFUN S30 PRO MAX from TOMTOP at €699 using Discount Coupon: TFS30PRO with free shipping from the Germany warehouse.


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