SHINECON II 3D VR Headset for comfort and entertainment


We have seen many VR headsets launching this week,well here is the latest addition from Shinecon. The Shinecon II 3D VR headset can work with any smartphone having screen size between 4.7″-6.2″.


The Shinecon II VR headset is made up of ABS material. It has an adjustable interpupilary distance and object distance.The VR headset is aimed at ultimate comfort of the user. The focal length setting allowing those with myopia to enjoy the 3D virtual world clearly. VR SHINECON 3D has a flexible and adjustable head band.



Shinecon II 3D VR‘s button of mirror box uses an adsorption type switch design, convenient and firm elastic band design, convenient to wear the 3D glasses on your head. The lenses reduce the impact on eyes, namely, the use of a larger screen is optimized. At a price of $21 this VR headset offers a great VR/ 3D experience that wont take a toll on your eyes or on your head.


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