SHINECON SC-G04E 3D VR A Shiny New VR Headset With Coupon


The VR Headset can be your complete set of personal entertainment. Well as you know we bring you the latest launches in budget VR headset section, today we have the SHINECON SC – G04E 3D VR Headset and comes with shiny new design and a new refreshed look with some upgraded specs.

The Shinecon SC – G04E 3D VR is made in a shiny new glossy finish. The smartphone house is curvy in design and has a headstrap. The headset is made up of ABS material. It obviously has the adjustable interpupilary distance and object distance.The VR headset is aimed at ultimate comfort of the user as the inside cushion is made of artificial leather and is easy on the nose rest and the eyes. The focal length setting allowing those with myopia to enjoy the 3D virtual world clearly. SHINECON SC- G04E has a flexible and adjustable head band.

The Shinecon SC – G04E VR headset is equipped with 40mm aspheric optical lens so that you feel you are sitting in an IMAX theatre and also the whole 3D experience just got real inhouse with this headset. The VR headset has some useful features such as space for spectacles and Refraction Compensation of 0 – 600 degrees. The most important hardware feature here to outline is the inbuilt stereo HiFi headphones. It has 100º of FOV and can house smartphones of sizes 4.7″ – 6.0″.

The Shinecon SC – G04E is a value for money  VR headset, it hits the right spots on necessity chart of a VR. Furthermore, the VR headset is available here at a price that is unbelievable low, after using our coupon code : GB9% you can get it for just $25.76.


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