Should casino Gamers Avoid Consoles? You Bet


Not content with dominating the gaming industry for the past four decades, console manufacturers are attempting to move into the world of casino gaming. It’s been coming for a while, ever since the Red Dead Redemption franchise made Texas hold ‘em poker cool and Grand Theft Auto opened The Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA Online. The full story is at

Gamers have to make a decision – do they stick with the tried and tested mobile method, or do they switch allegiances? If you’re an enthusiastic patron who loves added value, there will be a powerful urge to swap the apps on your smartphone for a Series X or PS5. This is why you shouldn’t.

Casino Games Are Designed for Mobile

This is highlighted through the latest technology that is hitting the gaming market. For example, virtual reality and augmented reality headsets are popular across the board as they add to the user experience. However, the mobile versions are different from the ones offered by Oculus, Sony and HTC as they are more complicated and harder to set up according to

Although the tech is more powerful, it negates the simplistic and pleasing nature of mobile gaming. This impacts more than the environments you see – it can also affect everything from load-up times to the ability to place bets.

For games such as roulette, this is problematic, which is why casinos now veer towards live streams. As points out, people enjoy playing against a real-life roulette dealer since an authentic experience is available at the click of a button, with gamers only needing to load up a table, choose the stakes, and spin the wheel when they’re ready. Dealers are even available to communicate via chatboxes. These are all features that consoles don’t currently provide, and that’s why they aren’t the best platforms for casino gamers.

Mobile Costs Are Plummeting

A reason casino gaming on consoles is piquing interest is due to the costs associated with mobile gaming. Unfortunately, 3G, 4G and 5G, or whichever generation you have available to you, is costlier than Wi-Fi. At least, it was, yet this is changing at a rapid rate judging by the data on

The global mean average for 1GB of data is $5, while the median average is $3.24. Furthermore, the least economically developed countries are the places where rates are at their lowest – India tops the list, for instance. As the average price drops, particularly in places where the gamers need bigger reductions, the reliance on Wi-Fi is bound to decline.

Therefore, there’s no reason to compromise on the gaming experience by choosing a platform that appears cheaper. Right now, smartphones are among the most cost-effective playing devices.

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There’s No Progression  

Finally, there is the issue of progression. Mostly, console casino games, such as the ones found on Xbox, are virtual offerings only. While this has some advantages – allowing players to get used to products and services with no string attached – it won’t cut the mustard for the majority of gamers.

This is because people who play casino titles want to continue climbing up the ladder. The bottom rung is the demo modes and free-to-play tables, whereas the top of the tree is the titles that have big jackpots and lucrative sign-up bonuses. The latter isn’t available via consoles.

If you want to play GTA or FIFA, there’s no better option than Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. But if casino games are your favorite, then you should stick to mobile devices.


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