Sunlu SL – 400 Smart 3D Printing Pen At A Discounted Price


In this 3D world where everything lately is becoming 3D (well ofcourse), we had 3D TVs, 3D printers, 3D Touch, well now we have a 3D pen, from Sunlu, the Sunlu SL- 400 Smart 3D Pen, The device which started just as a concept is now reality and also get a discount coupon. Read on to know more.


The whole idea of a pen which was a 2-Dimensional device from ages to convert that in a 3-Dimensional device required quite a bit of developed technology, but anyway it is readily available now in the market and we have brought one such 3D Pen exclusively for our reader that too with a discount coupon. The Sunlu SL- 400 Smart 3D Pen comes with features like the one-key operation.




It adopts the aviation ceramic nozzle and it is not easy to burn the outer protective shell. It can be used in creativity, teaching, design, culture, homes, construction, restoration, toy and other areas. You can draw effectively in 3D space with it. It has transparent shell, hence visual operation. It has a special Patented nozzle, a USB power interface, and can be connected with an external battery. Further the device Supports PLA materials. The pen is Lightweight and compact in design, making it easy to handle. It is most suitable for painters, product designers, hobbyists, students, etc.


The Sunlu SL – 400 Smart Pen can be purchased from here, while checking out use the coupon code :  IGEEKSL to get this device at $39.89 only. Hurry if you want to try this exciting new gadget.


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