Surprising Things You Could Do Using Your Phone


Mobile phones are used every day for almost everything. You wake up through your phone’s alarm, open your smart lights through a tap, make your bed through an app, and order your breakfast through your phone. The list goes on. Ironically, even if you use your phone for school, work, entertainment, working out, and more, there remains an unused and surprising capability to your device.

Connect your phone to a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard

Many mobile phone users enjoy the touch screen capability of smartphones. If you’re keen, you could create presentations and excel files using your phone. Unknown to many, you can also connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to your phone. This is especially handy when your tablet or laptop crashes without a spare gadget other than your phone at hand.

How to connect: The brand of mouse and keyboard will determine how it should connect to your phone. If you have a bundled device, you can link it to an android phone using the Bluetooth functionality. When connecting on an iPhone, the keyboard can be activated through Bluetooth connectivity whereas the mouse pointer can be accessed through ‘Accessibility’ from the ‘Settings’ menu. In other cases, you may need an on-the-go (OTG) connector.

Connect your phone to a projector

Surprisingly, your phone could connect to many types of projectors. Even if you don’t have your tablet or laptop with you, you’d still be able to give that persuasive presentation or watch an anticipated movie in a broader screen. There are mini projectors in the market that’s perfect for your phone. However, if you’re trying to connect to a standard projector, your device has to be MHL cable and HDMI cable compatible. Once you’re connected to the projector through one of these efficient cables, you can easily connect your phone to a Bluetooth sound system and viola, a DIY cinema setup courtesy of your phone. If you like this setup, don’t forget that DIY cinemas are best enjoyed on a projector mount. Regardless, phone-sourced entertainment is portable and fun!

How to connect: You will need either a Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) or High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable to connect to a projector. The easiest way to check your phone’s compatibility to these cables is by downloading an app called ‘Checked for MHL (HDMI)’. After opening this application, you can tap on the button that says ‘Check MHL (HDMI)’. The app will then state if your device is compatible or not.

Pair your phone with a joystick

The entertainment value of your phone is almost infinite. You can enjoy gaming without carrying an additional device. If you miss using a controller though, mobile phone gaming won’t disappoint. Many controllers can easily connect to your phone via Bluetooth. If you have a gaming projector, you’ll have the necessities of a game room already.

Mobile phones are functional and innovative—a truly all in one device. You certainly get the value of what you pay for when it comes to these devices.


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