Android games are on a rise and it can be quite challenging to select a game out of the enormous selection in Google Play. Here is a list of some of the best android games currently available in the market. Online games are also on a rise in 2019. The operators provide free slots to new players and various other offers.


  1. Oceanhorn

The game combines captivating storytelling along with amazing 3D visuals and gameplay to creating an unforgettable experience. The players can explore the island and find a world of many dangers, secrets and puzzles. You can fight monsters use magic and discover ancient treasures. The first chapter of the game is available for free, after which the full version is unlocked by in app purchases.

  1. Monster hunt stories

The app has no in app purchases. The game is set in a world where monsters roam and people earn living by hunting. It has Monster riders, who don’t hunt the monsters but instead form bond.

  1. Dragon Ball legends

The service has been resurgence in the last few years. The game is very interesting and engaging. The payers fight through a series of different levels, along with collecting abilities and characters along the way.

  1. Real Racing

Real Racing 3 is an award winning franchise with over 200 million downloads. The game features an expanding roster of licensed tracks with 39 circuits in 17 real-world locations, with 43 car grid and more than 140 cars from top manufacturers.

  1. Horizon Chase

An addictive racing game with New Hawaii cup, 9 new tracks and 2 new addition of cars to the already 5 available tracks and 2 cars. A race around the world is Horizon Chase.


  1. PUBG Mobile

100 players parachute down on a remote island. All the players have to locate their own weapons, vehicles and other supplies to defeat every player in a graphic environment. The unreal Engine 4 gives a wonderful experience with rich details and effects.

  1. Fortnite

One of the most popular games in the world is a battle royal style games with colors and strategy. The player needs to master building different structures and compete with other players.

  1. Into the dead 2

It is the ultimate zombie apocalypse shooter game. The player needs to race through a zombie apocalypse and meanwhile save his family. It is complete with an action packed 7 chapters and 60 stages.


  1. Assassin’s the rebellion

It is the official mobile strategy game of the Assassin’s creed universe. The players build teams and infiltrate different templer strongholds. The player can team up with up to 40 players as they progress through different stages of the game. At present it is being expanded into the Mobile world by Ubisoft

  1. Pokémon go

The camera of the player’s mobile is used to create a Pokémon based alternative reality. The player can see various Pokémon characters appear through the lens of his camera and his aim is to catch those characters and catch them to take up gyms present throughout the world.

With the advent of more and more online games, free slots are being given by online casino games to attract more players in the gaming world.


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