The Gay Men’s Dating Guide: 5 Tips on Finding True Love


Attempting to find love in unlikely times like these can be quite challenging. Yet, some efforts on your part can lead to you finding true love with someone and getting better results. We can show you five of the best ways to make sure you are meeting someone with the potential to be your true love. Use these tips to ensure you have the best time meeting guys that meet your demanding standards.

  1. Stop looking for guys in clubs 

The very first thing that you can start doing if you want true love with another man is to stop looking in the clubs. A very particular subset of guys goes to the club looking for matches, and they are rarely looking for something as long-term as a loving relationship. Sure, you can find men in the club that would like to settle down and fall in love, but that is relatively rare. The men in clubs tend to hope they can find a man that is fun, hot, and looking to start a short-term dating situation. That is not always conducive to romance. Instead, you should start seeking men in other areas of your community, but we will get to that in the coming sections.

  1. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not 

Too many guys try to pretend they are someone other than themselves, and it always ends badly. The reason is that you can only keep up a ruse for so long before someone else can see through it or you start slipping up. While pretending to be more outgoing or extroverted than you are regularly can help you land dates, the goal is to find someone that will love you. Eventually, you will go back to your old ways, and that can make the relationship fall to pieces. You should always be the man you are instead of the one that you think will be most helpful in attracting other partners. That goes for personality, hobbies, and even the types of bodies you appreciate. There is no reason to settle for someone that is less than perfect because you are so desperate to be with someone.

  1. Spiritual community, such as a church 

We know that a lot of LGBT people are not regular churchgoers, but if you are part of a church that is welcoming, you can use this as a place to meet men who are ready for love. Religious faith can provide a good foundation of morals and guidelines for life upon which you and a significant other can build a successful romance. You have to make sure you go there often, find men that are gay and available, and be willing to strike up a conversation when the time comes.

  1. Consider forgoing dating apps 

A lot of LGBT people use online dating apps as a way to meet their romantic partners. A gay man is twice as likely to try a dating service compared with members of the straight population. While that can be helpful, you might benefit from meeting someone in person. That way, you can not have to worry about if they are who they claim, being “catfished” or dealing with the stress of a long-distance relationship. That being said, if you are out of ideas, then you could always turn to online resources as a means to meet single men. Millions of men are online looking for partners today from every corner of the world. You’re bound to find someone that strikes your fancy.

  1. Volunteer at your local LGBT community center 

The LGBT community has many local centers in cities in which people can volunteer their time and effort to support others. Guys looking for romance can benefit from going to these places in many ways because they can be relatively sure that their partner is from the same orientation as them. You might find someone that is interested in helping the LGBT community and someone attractive enough for you to date. That will let you kill two birds with one stone as you find a romantic partner that cares about the same causes as you and spends their time similarly. Even if you are not lucky at finding a romantic partner during this time, you could still get the benefit of helping marginalized individuals learn more about themselves.

Finding love as a gay man is not always easy. You have to look in certain places and avoid others if you are trying to meet “the one.” The guide that we have put together here should help you stay ahead of the curve and meet people in a variety of different areas. Still, you should always try to find the method of meeting men that work best for you. Some guys can pick up others with ease online, and others need to be face-to-face. Find what works for you and use it.


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