The transformation of Bingo for mobile and PC


With around 60 million bingo players in the US, the 490-year-old game has claimed the status as the most popular game in the world. Starting its journey in a bingo hall, consisting of the traditional bingo wheel, card, and a stamp, the pastime has come a long way to achieve its high status. While it’s been around for such a long period of time, the changes to the bingo industry have been most notable in the last 20 years, which coincide with the rise of technology. Now with a large presence online, we’ll take a look at just how much it has changed.

The stray away from traditional bingo

In an increasingly competitive online landscape, innovation and adaptability are paramount. Despite its traditional heritage, bingo has spawned modern variations of the pastime. One bingo-inspired option is Slingo, which is a fusion of bingo and the slot machine. You can play Slingo online for real money too, which also has the added benefits of bonus features, which can make Slingo a more rewarding experience for players. While numbers are still marked off a grid, much like traditional bingo, this is determined by a reel rather than a wheel, which adds the element of a slot machine. Fusing the popular offline bingo game with a traditional retro machine game has allowed bingo to become more internet friendly, as it suits the fast-paced nature of the online landscape.

The creation of online friendly graphics

As bingo gameplay has adapted to suit the online environment, so too have its aesthetics. Originally consisting of a piece of paper printed with numbers, bingo on-screen couldn’t look further apart from its offline counterpart. While the aim of the game is still the same – to get a full house – the excitement comes from a slightly different place. Since online bingo lacks the presence of other players to compete against, which formed the main form of excitement, online bingo has had to turn toward something else – colorful graphics.

With an array of themes, from Starburst to Who Wants to be a Millionaire, online bingo players are greeted with a display of bright colors and illustrations that bring the online game to life. Since replicating the atmosphere of a traditional hall in the online space can be challenging for developers, it’s essential that the graphics are high-quality. With the power of modern devices, creating high-resolution graphics in online bingo games is easier than ever before.

Mobile vs PC

While new forms of bingo, like Slingo, have been made PC friendly, they can also be played on mobile. Mobile-friendly versions of web games have been made so that players can play bingo on the go, but there is also a range of apps available on app stores. This means that the days of queuing to get into a bingo hall are long gone.

All in all, while the much-loved traditional bingo is still played by many, modern twists in gameplay have meant that more people can access the game and experience it on the go.


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