The World’s First 165-inch Foldable TV M1 Released and sold for $400,000 USD


Recently, Austrian TV brand C SEED announced the launch of the world’s first 165-inch foldable TV M1. The C SEED M1 TV uses a 165-inch 4k Micro LED screen and is positioned as a luxury high-end, priced at US$400,000 (approximately RMB 2.59 million).

This M1 TV adopts a new method of installation and use. In the official demo video, the floor will turn on when you press the button. After that, the TV first rises from the ground in a columnar shape, and then automatically expands into a 165-inch TV. The large screen brings a brand new experience.

In terms of configuration, the MI TV is equipped with a 4K Micro LED screen, supports HDR Plus (High Dynamic Range) technology, has a brightness of 1000nits, and a refresh rate of 1920Hz. At the same time, this TV uses adaptive gap calibration technology (AGC), using high-resolution sensors to detect and narrow the gap between the folding screens, which can achieve a seamless display effect.

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In addition, the M1 TV uses a machined metal frame to integrate the speaker into the frame and is available in four frame colours: gold, silver, black, and titanium. According to related reports, this TV is expected to go on sale in July 2021, priced at US$400,000 (approximately RMB 2.59 million).


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